January 13th, 2006

TONIGHT @ Babylon

Firstly apologies to everyone involved for how last minute this is! between hardships reaching the venue and a flu that has taken out both twiin & DJ leslie, it's been unsure if we could even pull it off...but we thought, well, FUCK IT! it's been SO LONG since anything remotely underground clubnight has been allowed a weekend spot so,last minute or not, FRIDAY 13th IS BLACK FRIDAY @ BABYLON! featuring: Industrial to Gabber, Metal to EBM, Drum'n'Bass to Coldwave, Break/Terrorcore to Electro and probably about 20 other genres and sub-genres related to industrial and darker, more underground electronic...requests welcome!

NO cover
BABYLON nightclub
DOORS @ 10pm
TASTY alcomohol
& UBERSEXXXY DJs that include: innoxia, _pupil_, _descending_, Kev & mr_antz


seriously though, even if you can pop in for a quick drink, support these wonderful underground DJs and give the club encouragement to give us more weekends! clubs generally prefer to stay open, especially on the main nights, so when they have a last minute cancellation or change they are usually stuck...our thoughts were, even if it is last minute, if we can show Babylon [who are luckily already fans of the INDUSTRIAL_STRENGTH Tuesday crowds anyhow] that they can count on us to take over their club when they do find themselves stuck like they are now, with good DJs and at least a few folks in to support it, then hopefully we can count on more weekend events here and there...let's show them we deserve a weekend we can enjoy out too!