December 6th, 2003

now that Dark Carnival is over, what next...?

now that Dark Carnival has wrapped up, it's time to start looking forward to the next art/music/performance endeavour...

as far as music is concerned, we're working on some unbelievably good shows for the spring [March-April]...nothing is confirmed yet, but thick, dark trip-hop gods Larvae are wanting to come play with legendary high energy performer of thick & atmospheric industrial d'n'b Needle Sharing...if you don't know the music, each of those links has downloadable music from these incredible artists.

then later on, in to April we're working on hosting a rare performance by elusive dark atmospheric/powernoise/crunchy industrial musician Mono No Aware!

so far this is what we've been working on, along with some brainstorming with local artists about where they'd like to see the next festival go...
any suggestions are welcome! leave a comment here
or email:

thanks for all the support!!

more info. on Larvae's releases
more info. on all of Needle Sharing's releases
more info. on Mono No Aware's first and second albums

confirmations coming soon...

we are really excited about these shows! :) :) :)

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