October 21st, 2003

Tuesday Oct. 21 - Zaphod's: Dinner & a DJ and Halloweenie stuff

in addition to the usual dinner, music, games & socializing happening for this week's Dinner & a DJ 6-9pm set:

anyone helping or wanting to help with the Halloween party, feel free to stop in & touch base, bring decoration supplies, pick up flyers, make plans for deco. making party at evilunderneath's place [this Thursday!], and generally meet up with the rest of us...

details of the Halloween party [Tues. Oct. 28] will follow with the poster shortly, but anyone wishing to attend this year's 10th annual Industrial Strength Halloween Party who cannot afford cover charge please either stop in this Tuesday to arrange a barter/trade or email: barter@harsh-reality.com

if you'd like to give us a hand with decorating feel free to show up, and if you can help us with supplies we'd greatly appreciate anything you can help with! some of what we need for decorations are:Collapse )

any help is greatly appreciated!
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