September 25th, 2003

Dinner & DJ Tuesday Sept. 30

This coming Tuesday @ Zaphod's our Dinner & a DJ 6-9pm set will feature 2 of my favourite guest DJs who've played before; mr_antz & Kev....they'll be playing a mix of:

-Oldskool EBM

these guest DJs are local, rarely if ever play at all, and always spin music you can't hear at any other club in the city...there is no cover and it's a really great opportunity to be able to just sit back & relax, meet some new people, put the names to the faces that you see through a crowded dark club, even play some games, share some food or just take advantage of getting a head start on the nights debauchery....there are some DJs we'd love to come and play again *cough*mishelle*cough*, and we also welcome any suggestion for DJs or music styles to be played...we've showcased all sorts of underground music so far, from goth to noise, EBM to IDM, industrial, both new and old, glitch, ambient, darkwave/etheral, intelligent hip-hop, drum'n'bass, techno and lots more....we've seen some really gifted artist/musicians of all kinds come from here over the years....

so if you are one of these talented folk who'd like to play for one of our sets please feel free to contact us about what we have available...or if you have suggestions or requests for musical styles you'd like to hear for these sets please let us know and we'll do our best...

also our email was fubar thanx to migrating one set of servers to a new ISP, so we apologize for any bounced mail....

for suggestions on styles and/or DJs for Dinner & a DJ:

thanks again for all your support over the years...who would have thought that this past spring we'd be celebrating 10 years of Industrial Strength Tuesdays? :)

-DJ leslie
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