August 26th, 2003

DJ leslie Playlist - Tuesday August 19th - Zaphod's, Ottawa

the night was crazy busy, lots of requests, lots of new & old folks...was madness...

This week's 3 hour 6-9pm Dinner & a DJ set featured me playing a tribute to The Duck aka Dwayne Rudolph Goettel of Skinny Puppy fame...the only regret i have is not being able to find my Hilt albums before i left for the club as i would have loved to play 'I'm Standing on the Rim' or 'Call the Ambulance', but aside from that i'm pretty happy with the track selection...i hope others heard a few things they may not have heard before....i ended that part of the set with a track from the newest cEvin Key album which re-works some familiar Dwayne sounds/samples/'s the most impressive release from Key on his own, and i have to say it's one of the better albums to come out this year...

poster i still have from an old Puppy show

R.I.P. are sorely missed.

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