July 7th, 2003

Dinner & a DJ series continues Tuesdays @ Zaphod's

we are presently booking DJs for our 6-9pm Dinner & a DJ series...so far only July 8th is filled [see darkottawa for details], and we are looking for interested DJs to fill the rest of July as well as August.

We are focusing on underground electronic music styles of all genres, hoping to vary the styles from week to week...we are asking that the music not be too overwhelmingly fast simply do to the laid back nature of the 6-9pm slot...if you are a newbie DJ are a little intimidated by an entire 3 hours slot, don't be afraid to contact us anyhow...we can pair up 2 newbies for one slot so that they can share the responsibility...anyone interested in DJing please contact: info@harsh-reality.com

Also, anyone wishing to bring games, food, ideas, crafts, 'zines etc. to share, please do!
We continue to try and focus these opporunities as a way to meet people, share ideas, relax after work or before the club gets busy and generally make it a community building affair.

We hope to see you out Tuesdays @ Zaphod's for both Dinner & a DJ from 6-9pm as well as Industrial Strength from 9pm-close!


ALSO for those who've emailed for playlists, i have recently unearthed my handheld and will be uploading playlists again! If you have questions about any particular track please feel free to leave me a message here....i'll be posting playlists again starting this week.

-DJ leslie
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