May 29th, 2003

June 3rd Update

we have finally gotten flyers, posters and tickets for the June 3rd show at Zaphod's, better late than never i suppose...

tickets for Mimetic > Mlada Fronta > Liar's Rosebush > JUNE 3rd > Zaphod's > all ages & licensed available at Record Runner (Rideau St.), Norml (William St.: market), Zaphod's (York St.: market) are $12 adv., $15 @ doors which open at 8pm....because of the extreme delays in getting these printed, if you want to pay in advance but can't make it to pick up the tickets simply email: and we can try to work something out...

ALSO due to the delays with the posters/flyers we are asking that anyone who wants to poster and/or flyer in exchange for discounted/free admission, please email us! we have left posters, flyers and tape at Record Runner, so feel free and ask to grab a bunch...we need the stores downtown hit up with posters as well as telephone poles all around the city...if you would like to exchange work for a discounted admission simply email us letting us know your full name and the area of town you are working in, and we'll work it out:

also, for those interested there will be vendor at the show June 3rd specializing in import and hard ro find Industrial, EBM, Electro & other CDs & merchandise!

THANKS SO MUCH TO EVERYONE who have pitched in to help us at this late date!
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