March 14th, 2003


Tonight (March 14) at Babylon on Bank St. we have our PLAN B - Newbie DJ Night showcasing new DJs playing underground electronic music...NO cover, so stop in, and cheer or jeer, you decide.


9pm-10pm DJ Vyvyan - old & new goth with a wee bit of industrial elements
10pm-10:45pm DJ valsalva - older synth/electro
10:45-11:30pm DJ Corvus - industrial with a wee bit of newer EBM
11:30-12:15am DJ Riboflave - industrial/EBM & drum'n'bass
12:15am-1am DJ Supersonic - industrial influenced/hard-techno
1am-1:45am - DJ Z - dark techno/hard house
1:45am-close - DJ Twiin, DJ leslie and guests close out the night with hard electronic retardedness...or something ;)

DJ Tamerax may be coming out to close out the night with us; he played the industrial/EBM influenced trance techno at the INDUSTRIAL NINJAs show that everyone seemed to really love....
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