March 13th, 2003


so the multi media group that took pics at DARK CARNIVAL III Day 2, sent the files over and we've made a slide show for all you folks...enjoy!

DARK CARNIVAL III Day 1 pics are


this Friday PLAN B - Newbie DJ Night @ Babylon...timeslots will be posted in
darkottawa this eve or tomorrow morning....


starting April 2003 we'll be having a once-a-month potluck/movie/meet'n'greet at Zaphod's on the first Tuesday of every month....bring food, order some there, share your stories, ideas, art, zines, music etc. and get a chance to actually talk to folks you usually only get to gesture vaguely at over loud music...

ALSO starting in April we'll be having our dinner & a DJ sets every Tuesday from 6-9pm...the DJs for April so far include twiin playing an oldschool rivet/goth set April 8th, ggerg playing a more atmospheric IDM/D'n'B set April 15th...more info to come as soon as we confirm the other DJs and come early, grab something to eat, relax after work and still get to listen to good, underground music...


everything is going well for April's DARK CARNIVAL IV featuring Liar's Rosebush performing for his CD release, and June's DARK CARNIVAL V (June 16-17) featuring s.alt from Ant-Zen/Hymen is also coming along well...

so that's the news for now...thanks for all the support folks!
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