February 9th, 2003

i know it's been a while

but here are some recent playlists from the club:

Tuesday February 4 2003 PlaylistCollapse )

Tuesday January 28 2003 PlaylistCollapse )

Tuesday January 21 2003 PlaylistCollapse )

i've also received some pretty interesting promo. recently...a few that stand out are:

Data_Sensitive by Mimetic which is absolutely fantastic and the newest (self-titled?) by Show of Exaggeration that provides a much needed release of dark, soundscape atmospherics...

also some label promos worth a listen:

Chamber compilation from Cold Spring
and the the Dark Transmissions compilation from Force of Nature

our next events are:
DARK_CARNIVAL III (Feb. 24-25) a live underground, interactive music, art & performance showcase...also this one coincides with Industrial Strength Tusdays' 10 year anniversary and DJ leslie's birthday celebration...details coming soon to Harsh Reality
PLAN B (Fri. March 7th) an all underground newbie DJ night, details also coming soon to Harsh Reality

for information please email:
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