January 24th, 2003

Monday MONDAY Monday!

alright well PLAN B is shaping up to be -way- bigger than we had anticipated...within 1/2 hour of posting the information on http://techno/xvi.com, we had approximately 10-15 DJs wanting to play..

not to mention the responses we've gotten from darkottawa...

there are a few people who have already confirmed, they are:

E=MC playing a drum'n'bass set
threatis playing hardcore/gabber
error853 playing some crunchy/industrial spookiness
GammaG0blin playing jungle/hard trance
starchyldskunk playing late 80s/early 90s techno/rave

so we put the word out to get folks from the industrial etc. scene to confirm with us ASAP about DJing...

it looks like this will become a monthly or bi-monthly event...cool huh?

in addition, the last 1/2 hour of the night (2-2:30am) will feature a set ov d00m from a variety of folks...go to darkottawa for details...but i promise it'll be l33t, or at the very least terribly amusing ;)
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