Greetings all,

I'm writing on behalf of DJ Leslie (this is her roommate, Suzanne) and she'd like to pass on some info for everyone...

Leslie has been struggling with some pinched nerves and extreme muscle pain recently. Unfortunately, last week her back and neck pain progressed to the point where she was taken to hospital and underwent two surgeries. She's currently doing well and waiting for a bed to open up so she can move from ICU - but her recovery is going to be long term (months).

While this obviously means she won't be able to DJ at the club over the next few months - DON'T PANIC! Jairus, Phil and Devin will be stepping up to keep the night going. She would like to let everyone know that her entire music library will be available every week - so any requests you may have can still be played - and you can expect to hear new music and old favourites alike.

Please continue to come out and enjoy the night, support your DJs and hear lots of great music!

If you'd like to send a message for Leslie, please leave one here and I'll print them up to take to her. If you'd like to visit once she's out of ICU and in a room, please contact me at zannerat at gmail dot com for details.

Thanks everyone - hopefully Leslie will be up and spinning as soon as possible, but for now she would really love to see Jairus, Phil and Devin supported in all they're doing to keep the night going until she can get back.


Tickets for RevCo w/Jim Rose Circus Sideshow, Left Spine Down and Blownload are on sale now at Babylon, EndHits and via DJ leslie! Details are available in darkottawa!
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tipsy DJ

DJ leslie Playlist from May 12 - 2009

Sorry, this time out i didn't have time to write down the albums for each which i usually do...but instead of waiting longer, i'll post the playlist now...was a great night; thanks everyone who came out!!

DJ leslie Playlist - May 12/2009

ARTIST - Track

STENDECK - Like Falling Crystals
NEWT - Hull Break
SUBSTANZ_T - The Bullet in Your Hand
AUTOCLAV 1.1 - All Long Black Spirals
THRIVE - Whisper Your Name
HYSTERESIS - Antimatter
5F_55 - Vroom! 41 42 4F 58 45
MEMMAKER - Robot Buzz
SPAHN RANCH - Heretic's Fork [Birmingham 6 Remix]
ENCEPHALON - Teenage Hitman
:WUMPSCUT: - Voodoo Void
BRAIN LEISURE - I Know a Place
AD-VER-SARY - Waiting For Gira [Patience is a Virtue Perceived Remix by ESA]
ZOMBIIE GIRL - The Darkness
OHGR - Minus
FEATURE - Join the Living
SYNKRO - Frequency YY Terra-HZ
ESA - Cursing
ISZOLOSCOPE - In the Face of Descent [MF08 Cut]
NUMB - No Time
FRONT 242 - Religion [Pussy Whipped Mix by JG Thirwell]
WORMWOOD PROJECT - Nobody [Wormstomping Mix]
PSYCHOPOMPS - Scared Eyes Open Wide
OIL 10 - Synchro 4 All
JUNO REACTOR - Immaculate Crucifixion
THIS MORN' OMINA - The Ninth Key
HEX RX - Dear Diary
XOTOX - Industrial Madness
EVOL INTENT - Dead on Arrival
DJ? ACUCRACK - Loudmouth [Remix]
DEATHFUNK - Down With the Shit
MINDLESS FAITH - I'm Pretty Much Fucked [Strip't Mix]
UNTER NULL - The Clock is Ticking [Terrorfakt Noise Remix]
MANIBUS - Virus/Liquid Energy mixed
MEMMAKER - Energon3
HYPNOSKULL - Ffwd Burnout
16 VOLT - And You Are All Alone Again
PIGFACE VS DJ? ACUCRACK - Insect/Suspect [Acucrack Remix]
ZOMBIE GIRL - We Are the Ones
SABOTAGE - Reliable
MIMETIC DATA - Schizophrenic
TARMVRED - Kill All Humans
COIL - Heartworms
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Ladies and sirs! Unknown to us, there was a band booked at Zaphods tonight! We apologize to anyone who came out early expecting industrial madness, and instead got indie-rock mellowness!

Thanks again to everyone who has been braving the bus strike over the past two months!


so the day has come, the day of our HUGE halloween party @ Zaphod's! details [including prizes like a pair of NIN tickets for their next show!] in our post in darkottawa however since we're insane we'll be decorating the club all day today, so if you would like to help out some seriously sleep-deprived people decorate, you're welcome to head down to the club any time after, well, nowish we'll work out a discount or whatnot for our event tonight! Thanks to all who've helped so far; you guys are awesome.

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Halloween Help?

We've posted a request in darkottawa for decorating help for this years' INDUSTRIAL_STRENGTH Halloween Event: Zombie Prom! Take a look, see if you can contribute or help out as it would be greatly appreciated. We'll be posting our list of materials we need here shortly, so maybe you can help out by donating some of the materials we need to decorate the bar. Stay tuned and THANKS!!
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late start tonight, show in 2 weeks!

* * *TONIGHT [June 10th] the bar is having one of their house bands play, so our INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH TUESDAY will start later than usual as the bands will be offstage by 10:45-11pm.* * *

...and then, in 2 weeks we will be hosting the next night of Industrial Strength bands in our summer showcase of live performances:

Tuesday, June 24, 2008 : Coldwave mayhem for the whole family!
16Volt (Featuring KMFDM guitarist Steve White)
Founded in 1991 with the mission to merge the energy of guitar-driven acts like Ministry, KMFDM or Revco with the heavy beats and energy of industrial dance music, coldwave legends 16volt took the industrial and alternative music scenes by storm, including a coup where they captured the coveted #1 and #2 positions on Rolling Stone’s alternative charts. Their first tour since their 2002 tour with KMFDM, the current line-up of includes members of PIG, KMFDM, Chemlab, Daniel Ash Band, and SMP; promoting their current release on Metropolis Records, "FullBlackHabit". 16 Volt is one of those bands that gained popularity during the birth of coldwave; guitar driven Industrial that really hit the clubs in the early 90s. They were, and continue to be, one of the best known and most loved acts of this genre, and we are lucky to finally get a chance to host them here in Ottawa as they tour in support of their new album!

Melding elements of classic Wax Trax!, coldwave, drum 'n' bass, rhythmic noise, IDM and heavy metal to create a unique sonic assault, Cyanotic quickly became our most requested act to book live after their performances at the last Dark Carnival. Hot off the success of Transhuman 2.0 and a touring with Chemlab and DJ? Acucrack, Cyanotic is back to tear shit up. For those who missed them when they played for our Dark Carnival, this is your chance to catch one of the most talked about acts to come out of the rebirth of coldwave.

Bella Morte
A rare live performance; goths of all kinds rejoice! Since 1996, Bella Morte have been infusing gothic rock with their love of other genres: Darkwave, 80s punk, deathrock, and various dark electronics. Their most recent release on Metropolis Records -- Bleed The Grey Sky Black -- is heavier than anything Bella Morte has released before, reaching number one on the Metropolis Records preorder sales list.

Special Guest: DJ Hip-Hop! (Warning: Contains no actual Hip-Hop.)

Don't let this rare opportunity pass you by; This show is NOT to be missed!

ADVANCE TICKETS will be available at Zaphod's for this show, as well as our next, as of later this evening, so get 'em while you can.
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