January 19th, 2005

Plot Without Porn?

I just read a post to WIKTT (don't ask why I was reading this: ten hours a day at Bullwinkle & Bullwinkle LLP makes me do crazy things) in which a person said he/she didn't read Porn Without Plot because he/she finds it offensive as a concept on the grounds that "writing is supposed to be about plot and characterization, and telling a story." I in no way mean to disparage this individual or his/her opinions, who in fact I'm trying to notify of this post so that he/she may clarify his/her position, but I'm a tad confused. What if the purpose of these authors is not characterization, but to help some poor horny fans get their yayas out? And are lemons and well-developed characters mutually exclusive? These questions are meant in all sincerity: I want to understand this better.

Are others out there offended by this genre? I read it, and maybe I'm a bit clueless but I hadn't ever considered the possibility that it was offensive, except in as much as it's too explicit for some. Can anyone offer either a defense or a more involved condemnation of PWP? Or at least your opinions on the subject.
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