January 14th, 2005

Hello wide world of live journal

Welcome welcome, one and all! Well, actually probably just one, for now. In honor of the fact that I only have one friend on this thing, this first journal entry will be dedicated to Nifra, you greatest of all freaks.

I am really just trying to dodge work. My big task for today is to try to contact the heads of Kikkoman and Benihana to try to convince them they really need to sponsor a Japanese Formula 3 racer. If you are the head, or even a lowly peon, of Kikkoman or Benihana (and are for some reason reading this instead of setting shrimp on fire or brewing salty condiments) please put me out of my misery and respond to this.

I'd like to also put out a general question (i'd do a poll, but there's no way on God's green earth I'm paying for this thing): is anyone else getting increasingly paranoid about the environment? I feel like our generation has replaced nuclear paranoia with environmental paranoia, and much more justifiably so (just because you're paranoid...insert cliche here). What do you guys think? Is the California flooding a sign of impending doom, or just karmic retribution for Meet the Fockers?

On another note (because I have the attention span of a fetal gnat): who does everyone think will die in the next Harry Potter book?

Until next time, folks.
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