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Tue, Mar. 2nd, 2010, 03:11 am
Fashion show

It simply never occurred to me that one day I might end up being a ferris wheel operator. And indeed, operating a ferris wheel is something I have never done, and never expect to. Likewise, it absolutely never crossed my mind that I might end up on the runway of a fashion show. But weirdly, that just happened.

Seeing myself in runway-model makeup cracks me up without fail:

I'm pretty sure I'm not that gaunt. I think that's the make-up. Maybe runway models aren't really skinny, maybe it's all make-up!

I was expecting the event to be almost boring actually (and perhaps for more experienced models it was), like a dance competition without the dancing, so I was pretty blase, and instead it kind of knocked my socks off. In a good way :)

I also got Kora interested (for those out of the loop or overseas, she's a (MARRIED!) friend of mine, and is one of the instructors at a studio I go to), so here's Kora in one of the outfits she modelled, from an anime-style line:

Give that girl a ray gun :)

I've always done my own makeup for comps, but here they sit you in one of the makeup artist chairs, and go to town on you. Since I've never had someone else do my makeup, I wasn't expecting NAUSEA! Most makeup application is relaxing, but the pencils and brushes and fingers running around my eyes in unpredictable ways, while ok at first, was sustained for a long time, and that constant pressure and movement on my eyes made me start to feel a building nausea like motion sickness. I had no idea I reacted that way to someone messing with my eyes!

The had some training for people like me who were models for the show but didn't know what they hell they were doing. Unfortunately, I missed that training because I had to get Kora to the Masquerade Ball at Impulse, and then back again in time for our set.

The result of that was: the very first time I walked out on the runway, it was real. It was the show. No training, no practice runs, just making my first attempt with packed audience and cameras flashing. My first run was with a group, and the more experienced models hashed out a stage choreography moments before we went out. I managed to keep to it, but the trade-off was that my poses were pretty boring, as I was figuring out things on the fly that were supposed to be already acquired.

People were telling me that it was great to have me as there was such a shortage of guys for modelling. Um, a shortage?! Of guys?! For events where you're stuck mingling with pretty girls for hours? WTF?!
I met more people in one week, investing a fraction of the time, than I have in the last three months of online dating sites. (And dating sites cost money!) Now, since guys are supposed to really really like the hawt models, I'm surprised there isn't a line out of the door and around the block of guys waiting to be models as a means to meet girls. Like the line around the block at pretty much every other opportunity to meet girls.
But apparently not... I suppose it's probably an unwelcome motive, and that other people would catch on to it pretty quickly.

Speaking of being couped up with models, I was expecting the dressing areas to be much like ballroom competitions - the usual crowded chaotic flurry of clothes and mirrors and half-dressed people, with that energy and excitement in the air of the looming events, though not segregated by gender (ballroom events usually also involve teens and kids, so changing rooms are always segregated). And that's pretty much exactly how it was. But the vibe I got regarding nakedness was interesting. As you would expect, a fair few of the changes involved the person being entirely naked for a while, but it seemed that there was more nekkid time than would result from function alone. Enthusiastic nekkidness even, as if a certain minor percentage of models like to be pretty, and they like to be naked, and so when surrounded by people, the prettier and nakeder they get, the happier and more animated they become.
And you know what, that's not a bad blueprint for a better world :-)
Of course, ballroom dressing rooms remain uncontested for quantity of feathers and rhinestones that end up scattered everywhere. :-)

But the big part of the night for me was our showdance. When I got involved in the fashion show, because my background was dance not modelling, the organisers were thinking I should do some dancing. As it happened, when I told Kora about the show, she signed up for it too, so we decided to do ballroom stuff together. Due to conflicting schedules, we had about 3 hours to choreograph and practise the routine before we were to perform it at the show.

I normally want more than a month for something like that! Three hours?! FREAK OUT!!!

We had some cool stuff in it though - we go right to the end of the catwalk, I put my foot up against hers to stop it sliding, and then she drops out over the edge, over the audience (while I do the same in the opposite direction to create her counterbalance, while her foot is putting her weight horizontally into mine, until our hands (sliding down each other's arms) snap into each others wrists, stopping her, leaving her hanging out over the audience)

That part went well, but otherwise - disaster! On the night, our outfits kept getting hooked. At one point, with mounting horror, it felt like I spent a minute untangling her hair from my jacket, under the glare of the lights, while the entire audience watched and waited patiently for us to start again.
Talking to people afterwards, they hadn't noticed it! Watching a video of it... I spend a few seconds playing with her hair as she pauses for a moment before going around me.
I guess when you're on stage like that, you're in bullet-time. :-)
So, maybe it wasn't bad?

I look at the pics, or video, and just go UGH! There is so much I need to fix! Even with just the three hours, I should be doing better than that :-/ But people said they really liked our show. :)
The whole event was an awesome experience. All the more so because it is so random and unexpected; how on earth did I end up doing this?!

For the last year, I've been assembling or making hard-to-find pieces for the ensemble I wore for the showdance. The show seemed like a good match with the outfit, so it created enough pressure to get the last pieces done. Here's a better pic, though it doesn't show the boots:

I don't yet have good pics of the designer items I was modelling.

So instead, here's another pic of Kora:

Tue, Mar. 2nd, 2010 06:28 pm (UTC)

Yep. Totally jealous.

Wed, Mar. 3rd, 2010 04:14 am (UTC)

I can't tell which pics you're in, everyone so pritty!

Thu, Mar. 11th, 2010 03:59 am (UTC)

Hey good stuff. You are looking good there big guy!
Looks like good fun too. :)