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In news of actual importance:

Sweet Charity is now open for bidding

I'm only offering to make 1 vid' because I'm slow and it'll most likely take me until near on the deadline to complete; however, there are a number of other vidders available.

If like me you lack the gramatical sophistication of a first grader, but have an idea for fan fiction, there are lots of writers.

Then there's an assortment of artists able to make that perfect custom desktop, icon or header image. (I've checked out their sites and they've got some really advanced work IMHO.)

There's also a costume maker, a professional writer (specialising in music) who can compose essays and even a Psychic Medium to perform a reading for you.

The cause is so worthwhile. RAINN.

The button below will take you to the bidding page. This link will take you to the info of who and what is on offer.

If you can't afford to contribute with money then you can still help by promoting it if you wish.

With thanks to halcyon_shift for such a brilliant idea and for all the work she's put into this.

Pimping for a very worthy cause