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Birthdays and a font

Semagic advises me that today is the birthday of delenn_xi, martoufmarty and f1renze so Happy Birthday folks.

It only consists of characters for upper case letters, but there's a cute dingbat font available here.


Happy New Year

All the best for 2008!

Our telephone line has died

It's not the filter, our entire phone line has died at home (we've tried another telephone on it and it is dead). We're getting someone in on Wednesday but no wires are loose at the socket so am worried that it is something major.

Am sad about it, but okay, but I will be out of contact for a while.

Got Internet connection problems

It's very flaky with the browser and outlook express.


Recommending - Invasion

Good R2 price at Amazon uk here IMHO, currently £10.97.

It's a series to which you have to pay a lot of attention or you'll miss things (as Dad did, then I had to explain it) but I really enjoyed watching it and Dad, sis also thought it was good.

Meme - 80% lithium_doll

I'm a generally unfuckwitted, moderate, disgustingly generous, relatively well adjusted human being!
What are you?
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey



Please help with my Maths poll if you haven't yet.

I've been really struggling to get people to answer my questionnaire in RL.

Thanky, Linky

I just read a post on Atlantis 3x17. Noooooo.

Need your help - questionnaire

I need to get lots of responses for my GCSE coursework. I wanted to take Tasha out for it, but it's cold and raining so I'm a bit stuck.

If you're not logged into livejournal or wish to answer privately, please e-mail me.

All you need to do is look at the images under the cut then provide your gender and guess estimate Tasha's weight (three little buttons to check/tick).

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I need at least 50 responses.
Thank you

Odyssey 5

Just finished watching.

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Tasha is 10 today

By coincidence, I saw this link which is relevant to all families with pooches.

Foods that are poisonous to dogs