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The Little Black Book

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25th July 2005

10:44am: I think I need more underwear. The cat seems to have enjoyed shredding most of what I have overnight. I hope he has indigestion.
Current Mood: irritated

3rd June 2005

10:12pm: I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts...

You know, I think I hate this movie almost as much as I like it. Pretty good for an American cartoon.

Hey boy, you should play with me again. I'm getting bored and you know that's dangerous. :P
Current Mood: bored

1st April 2005

11:33pm: Drat, I should have read the whole requirements before jumping right into replying to this one.

Ask me 3 questions. Any three, no matter how personal, private or random, I have to answer them honestly. Then in turn, you have to post this message in your own journal.

20th February 2005

10:49pm: *munches popcorn and watches Coyote Ugly*

20th December 2004

7:20am: Hm. I just realized, Ryoma hasn't had a checkup in quite some time... *evil grin* Time to make an appointment!
Current Mood: amused

13th December 2004

5:11am: Well that was interesting, I can definitely say. I found THE Perfect Ass. Unfortunately, I had to let it slip away. It had a nicely-rounded little friend, sporting a thong a wet from swimming. I have a picture of the two of them together on my bedroom wall. ^____^
Current Mood: horny

7th October 2004

9:01pm: Ah, boredom. I think I'll go ogle some of the fine specimens at a few schools. *hentai grin*

Oh, and dear Seed-of-My-Loins, do remember to be careful when collecting your laundry. Karupin found a pair of what used to be your underwear. Your cat plays with the oddest things.
Current Mood: bored

30th June 2004

7:52am: Hm. I hear there's a drag queen contest at dear An's place of work. What do you say my dear, would I pass as a woman? *grin*

*pokes Ryoma* Ne, the old woman wanted to know if you'd give her granddaughter another lesson. I told her nice boy that you are, of course you would. Don't let the dear girls down. ^_~
Current Mood: cheerful

15th June 2004

3:04am: My, my. The things you boys get up to...Collapse )

Oh, and Ryoma. They finished making your robe. Now don't forget, underwear is not allowed. You must be free to accept the god's teachings.

11th June 2004

5:52pm: ^________^
Ah, I must be getting better to have dreams such as this once again.

Gotta love redheads...Collapse )
Current Mood: horny

1st June 2004

4:21am: Well that went... well.

Investigated Rikkai. That Sanada boy acts like he has a stick up his ass. Heh. He probably does. He did get a little starry-eyed when I mentioned his captain.

I wonder which one is Kirihara? I accidentally drank out of their water bottle. Oops.

Nooo, Ryoma did not get his snarkyness from me.
Current Mood: bored

30th May 2004

3:08am: Eh? Rikkaidai is in the newspaper with my boy. Who is this upstart? Well, no matter. My son is an Echizen. *preens*

I think a little traveling is in order. *rumages in Nanako's makeup* Ohh, concealer. Perfect.

I think I'll take my camara, too. Who knows? I may find the Perfect Ass while I'm out. ^_~

ooc noteCollapse )
Current Mood: curious

18th May 2004

3:44am: An really knows how to cheer a guy up. She sent me a lovely picture of the most Perfect Ass I've ever seen.

As soon as I feel better I'm going to go on a quest to find the owner of this most perfect of specimens. ^________^

privateCollapse )
Current Mood: restless

14th May 2004

4:50am: ack
I don't feel so good. And I think I have a fever. >.<

I think I'll just lock myself in my room.
Current Mood: drained

10th May 2004

5:51pm: Oh, so this is why I'm normally not allowed near the laundry room...
I accidentally shrunk all of Ryoma's tennis uniforms.


Wonder if I can blame it on Nanako. >.>

6th May 2004

5:34pm: o.o
A cop actually came to my door.

He was waving around handcuffs, flashing a badge so quick I could barely see it, and backed me into my room while unbuttoning his shirt.

I can't believe how giddy he was when he saw that pole. That man can dance. And he knows how to use that police baton. Rawr.

I'd like to thank my dear son, for the most fun I've had this week. ^_________^
Current Mood: happy

4th May 2004

4:07am: Well, that was fun. Just put a swing in Kamio's room because the pole wouldn't fit. We even tested it, to make sure it would hold our weight.

Poor boy, he was so tired afterwards he fell asleep before I was even out the door.

Oh, and what did I do with the pole? Put it in Ryoma's room. *shrug* He needs to learn some grace.
Current Mood: accomplished

1st May 2004

9:45pm: I feel like going to the club tonight. I hear they got a new dancer.

Anyone want to come? *leer*

edit: Photos for fake IDs can be... arranged...
Current Mood: pervy

26th April 2004

3:08am: ...
It's nice to hear that someone is getting some amusement from that photo, as the cop apparently didn't.

The old woman had just bailed me out (stupid bat kept snickering, I knew I should have called Inoue...) and just as I walk in the door this funky-smelling crap gets shoved in my face.

Well. I do hope you enjoy your day, dear son of mine, because in case you hadn't noticed, you've been breathing it too.

Damn crap sticks to your clothes like hell. Urgh.

For some reason the milkman is giving me dirty looks as well...

The only thing I'm looking forward to is my fishing date with An. At least someone appreciates my company.
Current Mood: You killed the King!

25th April 2004

4:44pm: ...
12:44am: Hmm.. This week's list..

Kamio Akira
Fuji Syusuke
Tachibana An
Inui Sadaharu
Tezuka Kunimitsu
Fuji Yuuta
Tachibana Kippei

Strange.. I don't remember hitting on Fuji Yuuta yet... Must investigate.

edit: Momoshiro Takeshi
Current Mood: horny

23rd April 2004

3:09am: *grin*

I have another date.

Fishing though? I hope she doesn't mind teaching me. >.>

I usually just get them from the market. >.>

I can cook fish though! ^__^

*goes to buy a fishing pole*
Current Mood: energetic

21st April 2004

5:26am: ^____^
We had a good time. Flowers, blushing, sandals flying through the air... hehe.

She wants to see me again. ^__________^
Current Mood: happy

20th April 2004

2:46am: *preens* I have a date tonight.

Oh, and Ryoma, dear only son of mine... You're grounded.
12:33am: o.O

hehehe... That's right guys, no Viagra needed. *wink*

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Current Mood: horny
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