_hannahabbott_'s Journal

Hannah Abbott
19 November
Hannah Abbott
Nickname: none
Gender: female
Age: 22
Birthday: November 19th, 1980
House: Hufflepuff
Political Alliance/Stance: Although she was unable to be very active in the war Hannah sides with Dumbledore and Harry Potter. She was a member of the DA in her fifth year and her mother's death in sixth year, which caused her to leave Hogwarts at the request of her Muggle father, cemeted her affliations at the same time that it made her remaining family even more determined to maintain distance between Hannah and the war.

Basic Physical Description:
A bit short, roughly average build, somewhat curvy, pale but ruddy complexion, blonde.
Height: 5'3"
Weight: around 125 lbs
Eyes: grayish green
Hair: dark blonde
Build: average
Defining Marks: none
Dress Style: Generally sweet, pretty, conservative, and comfortable. Since she spends so much of her time in uniform Hannah often just wants to be comfortable. She wears lots of black and blue, since she knows they're colors that suit her and, therefore, save her the trouble of worrying over clothes. Hannah likes color, generally not brights, but is rather afraid of experimenting with it in the fear that she'll look ridiculous. She often feels silly in clothes that are meant to be "elegant" or "sexy", and tries to avoid situations where they're necessary.

Phobias/Fears: Inadequacy, being trapped, suffocation, and (to some extent) commitment.
Boggart Would Be: Her father coming to take her back home.
Patronus Would Be: Starling.

Chewing on her lip (while preoccupied), trying to get/keep her hair out of her face.
Best Personality Features (Virtues): Loyal, hard-working, kind, loving, independent.
Worst Personality Features (Vices): Shyness, self doubt, worry/nerves, fear of commitment/relationships.
Personality In General: Hannah is generally cheerful and happy, although she is prone to self doubt, worry, and extreme nervousness, all of which caused her to be the first in her year to have an OWL-related breakdown. Unfortunately she has not outgrown any of these traits, although the nervousness in particular has lessened somewhat. The war seems to have had little effect on her basic character, although her outlook on life is more complicated than it once was. Hannah is both less likely to see things in black and white and less likely to take things at face value. She has learned, through her experiences at Hogwarts and after, that things are rarely what they seem to be, and so she tends to distrust first appearances in general and, after years of her family's worry over her, is slightly paranoid.

Bloodline (Pureblood,Half-blood, Muggle born):
Half-blood. Her mother's side of the family is magical.
Father: Charles Abbott
Mother: Mary Weller Abbott
Sister/Brother: None.
Others: Stuart Weller (uncle).
Significant Other: None.
Family History:
Occupation: Mediwitch.
Residence: London, near St Mungos.
Finance: Middle class.

Marital Status:
Sexual Preference: Straight.
Turn ons: Kindness, a sense of humor, intelligence, nice eyes and a warm smile.
Turn offs: Egoism, low self-confidence, excessive shyness, bravado.
Dating: Not currently. Hannah has dated a little, but since she is shy and a
bit socially awkward she tends to avoid dating. Her fear of commitment also contributes to this, of course.
Kinks: Wild/bad boys, bi boys, voyeurism, sex in public, submission. (Not that she's often willing to reveal any of these.)

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