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04:24pm 05/05/2007
  i have two weeks left in spain. a lot of work, but 2 weeks left. then I travel for 3.5 weeks with my cousin (france, switzerland, germany, czech republic, austria, and hungary). then I am home. a lot to look foward to. On June 14th I will be in my pool all day and watching american television. probably the food network and degrassi. then I will go get some spicy food and then have my mom make me dinner. then I will go to the bowling alley and drink there. oh. I will probably go to the liquor store first thing.

Last night I finished Don Quijote de la Mancha... and 1100 page book. that´s the longest book I have ever read... and it is in spanish.

spain has been good to me. I have learned a lot (spanish and other things)and am really happy with how everything has panned out. I am not too worried about grades because I have realized that grades don´t matter in real life. also, I have lost my work ethic, so yeah. I am not expecting to do too stellar.

2 weeks left sounds weird. I think I will be sad to leave.
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i watched the second season of the simple life in 2 days   
06:33pm 09/03/2007
  London was great. It made me wish i was there, though. If the people in London spoke spanish and all my freinds were there, I would be there in a second.

actually, if all my friends were in sevilla, that would be great, too!

I was recently reminded that I am here for school and not to go out because i have midterms next week and a serious amount of Don Quijote to catch up on. No big deal though. That is what 3 day weekends are for.

There is a protest in la plaza nueva today because the spanish government let a terrorist out of jail because he was doing a hunger strike and about to die. I don´t know what to think.

alright, back to typing up my notes. I have become pretty fast at typing in spanish, which is a good thing.

oh yeah. at my internship at the immigration ngo my supervisor was talking to the other lady, Sonia, about how her botox is working really well. Then they took pictures of me. pretty typical.
¿qué tal?   
08:52pm 27/02/2007
  ok. so sometimes when i am walking around spain and finding neat record shops all while sweating, i say, "man, i love spain." Then I think... "holy shit I am going to london tomorrow!!!"

basically i am pretty lucky and sometimes forget.

i´ll probably see you in london because i feel like most of my friends are going to be there.
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05:23pm 02/02/2007
So as of next wednesday I will have officially been here for a month. A month is a long time. A month is the amount of time I was in Argentina. I feel like I did a lot more in that month in Argentina than I have done in a month here. Maybe that´s because I have only had one extremely easy grammar class. Next week my real classes start so I should be a little more busy.

I like it here. It is starting to get comfortable, although I am still really paranoid and have discovered that I don´t like cities and I want to live with the cows forever.

I am going to jerez to go wine tasting tomorrow. It is about an hour bus ride. It should be really nice to get out of Sevilla for a day. Although I love being here, going home is going to be so nice, but that isn´t until June 13th. see you then!
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11:52am 19/01/2007
  spain is a lot of fun.
the spanish people are funny.
i have an intercambio (a spanish language partner). we talk in spanish and english and we teach each other new words.
she taught me some funny stuff. now i need to teach her things. can you give me some ideas for american slang. i can only think of suck it.
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Union Vale, suckas!   
05:35pm 21/12/2006
mood: warm
Yeah. As usual, New York is sick.

I keep on sleeping late and being in denial that I am leaving for Spain in I don't know how many days. Macaroni and Cheese and Beer is a pretty great combination. For Ann's fancy dress 21st bday / christmas part on Saturday I am altering my formal attire into and elf costume.

I am excited.

I made brownies yesterday. They were really tasty.

Neena, your phone call woke me up this morning. I liked it.

let's hang out.

believe it or not.   
11:01pm 17/12/2006
mood: sneezy
Things I can picture myself doing:
- Watching tv on my couch in New York
- Going to Ann's 21st Birthday party on the 23rd
- Not coming back to Clark for a while.
- Being in New York

Things that I cannot see myself doing:
- Finishing the little work I have left for this semester.
- Not being surrounded by familiar faces for a good chunk of time.
- Leaving New York for Spain.
- Living in Spain.

the end.

I hope Neena comes to visit me before I go.... hint hint.
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since being in ny   
10:02pm 23/11/2006
mood: full
Since being in New York State I:

1) Listened to K104 play sweet jams and give away GUCCI HAND BAGS!!!
2) Wrapped myself up in a blanket for long periods of time.
3) Continuously drank coffee out of my Joel K. mug that Julia and Jason made me.
4) Saw Ann and heard such great news!
5) Slept.
6) Almost finished a Spanish placement test.
7) Got scared about eating in Spain.
8) Read some shiiiit.
9) Looked dishevled.
10) Went to a soup kitchen to serve Thanksgiving Dinner
11) Ate too much.
12) Got a camera phone and had a photoshoot of my mother.

So, as you can guess, I am really enjoying New York State. OBVIOUSLY!
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08:03pm 31/10/2006
mood: tired
2 of my favorite places.
1) Buenos Aires - Plaza de Mayo
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
2) Colonia, Uruguay
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I am excited to be in a new place again.
but scared, too.
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02:24pm 23/10/2006
mood: tired
I am finishing up a midterm that is taking me way too long to do. It has to be a maximum of 10 pages. I have about a page and a half left of writing. The Margins are .9 inches all around and the font is 10.5. Hopefully the professor won't notice.

Correction: The font is 11 pt, the margins are 1 inch all around, and the spacing is 1.86.
I still hope my professor doesn't notice.

Today is a busy day. Everyday is pretty busy. I like that though.
union vale, NY   
05:02pm 07/10/2006
mood: calm
Being home is incredible. It is a breath of fresh air (literally). I can't get over how quiet it is here in comparison to any other place I have ever been. I went apple picking with Ann, Meghan, and Chris and when we got on the hay ride I felt like a little kid again. This weekend has already rejuvenated me and I have gotten exactly what I needed from this place. 1) good food 2) 12 hours of sleep 3) Degrassi 4) good friends / family 5) pretty scenery.

My mom is pretty great. Since we have ancestors who were born in Italy, apparently we can become Italian citizens with not too much difficulty. Therefore, my mom and I are going to become Italian citizens and she is going to move there eventually. As outlandish as this sounds, I think she is pretty serious. She also showed me pictures of when she went away with her fiance for a long weekend and she said, "This is me crunked in the bar." Man, that is almost as good as when she used the term MILF, but spelled it MYLF (mom you'd like to fuck).

In short, New York State is better than any other place that I have ever been to, disregarding Latin America, and I am excited for Thanksgiving break!!!
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12:19am 11/09/2006
mood: antsy
I am pretty excited to be living in a Spanish speaking country for an extended period of time. I pretty much think about it every hour. On the hour.

I hope to return to S. America this summer. If all goes according to plan, I will be there and it will be glorious.

All this fun will start in less than 4 months.
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09:31am 03/09/2006
  i like making out and being silly with my friends.  
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things to look foward to...   
10:36pm 31/08/2006
mood: conflicted
Clark is alright. I have to say, I expected a lot worse. I am looking foward to the following:
- Seeing Melissa.
- Going home on Sunday to see Ann and my other friends.
- Going to Spain.
- Taking classes that are pretty neat.
- Travelling throughout Europe
- Being away from Clark for a while.
- Winter
- Finally sleeping this weekend

I am not looking foward to:
- Neena going to Chile for the semester
- inevitable flakiness
- not sleeping a lot
- being really busy
- losing touch

Last few days at home were really weird, which is why i need to go home and feel good about my decisions and decide who is worth the effort to encorporate into my life.

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10:40am 21/08/2006
mood: sleepy
Hey. I have been back at clark for just under a week. I am really tired and i wasn't feeling so stellar this morning. oh well.

I went to NH to see Neena last night. It was glorious and she gave me a bracelet from Chiapas. Niiiiice.

Hila is a pretty sweet Orientation Coordinator.

Orientation is aight. I would rather have been in my be in NY for two weeks, but oh well.

I am going to go do shit.

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04:48pm 22/07/2006
  my mom won.
no s. america for me.

she did a sneak attack and sent in my tuition without my knowledge.
pretty ridiculous.

on the bright side, she asks me when the Simple Life is on.
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11:31pm 17/07/2006
mood: lamers
My mom and I got into an argument earlier this evening because she is annoyed that i want to take fall semester off to go to south america and just go to language school and live....

I convinced her to not send in the tuition just yet though. Perhaps it is not a lost cause.
If I actually do this, I would go to Ecuador or Bolivia.

I have a sneaky suspicion once my dad gets word of this I will not be able to handle the lameness and I will submit.


then she got more mad when i said 5th year was lame and i don't want to do it....
I will probably do it, but is just a huge was of my time.


Then I went to Barnes and Noble with Ann and I felt better.

I just looked at the books for my classes for this semester and they show me that I really need to not be at Clark this fall.....
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03:46pm 14/07/2006
  I have lost a little weight.

It is only 7 pounds, but I am sad because as I told Melissa, I wanted to get "thick" this summer.

On another note...
I have been really busy since getting back from Argentina. I am working in the accounting office at Putnam Family and Community Services, tutoring Spanish, and doing my intenrship.

My internship is turning out to be really great. I am helping organize and start a support group for People Who Have Served Time called Trees Without Roots. Last Saturday, they took me to a meeting with the Prison Moratorium Project in Brooklyn, which was really great. I met this really awesome girl who works there named Ken J. I liked her.

I have a lot of great Spanish music after coming back from Argentina and I LOVE it all!!!!!

I am really tired.

Right now I am doing some excel stuff for my internship and I am in the Library. I just saw Chris Yarusso walk by so I am going to go say hi.

Yeah. I guess that's all.
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11:48am 21/06/2006
mood: excited
I went to a concert that was pretty sweet.

I went to Uruguay ad rode a mo-ped and golf cart around the street.

I returned and saw a famous person in the street. He was the creator of a movie I had just seen last week on Argentina´s external debt. He is known as the Michael Moore Of Argentina. Pretty sweet.

Teaching English is fun.

Saw another movie (Cronica de una fuga)

Had lunch with a human rights attorney and have a meeting with somebody from Cels (Center of Social and Legal Studies) in 2 hours Word.

oh man.   
10:17pm 11/06/2006
mood: confused
So things are going well. I wrote an e-mail to some of ya´ll about things that are going on. Today I went to Tigre which is about an hour aoutside of the city and it is just a bunch of islands. We had a barbeque and i have vegetables because of that vegetarian thing. It was really pretty. I went to a club called club 69 and it was hilarious.

I think i am going to Uruguay next weekend.

I met a girl here who is sweet because she likes clap your hands say yeah, the pixies, wilco, and other good shit. Her name is Luz. Pretty much there are a lot of intimidating hipsters here.

so tell me if I should do this study abroad program about social movements and human rights in Argentina instead of doing the clark program in Sevilla.


Pros of Sit (Argentina) program
I get to do what i really want and learn what i really want to learn
I get to be stimulated
I get to be in a sweet place
i get to be in south america

more money (but there are ways to lower expenses)
not a clark program (so no 5th year)
even though i am not too sure about 5th year
not in Europe - no travelling AND no seeing friends in neat places
there might be more, but i can´t think of them right now.

basically i like it here a lot and there is a good chance if i end up in Sevilla i will just apply for an anton to come here next summer, but for the entire summer.

One last thing. The World Cup Game was yesterday and Argentina Won!!! I went to a pub and they blasted some amazing Argentine anthem and shot confetti out of a gun and had crazy noise makers every time Argentina scored a goal/won. Then a lot of people went to the obelisque (a phallic statue) and went crazy. I walked by, but did not partake because i felt like it would be patronizing. Nevertheless, it was pretty sweet.

I have also been eating at really trendy restaurants for little money.
ciao, amigos.
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