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Ok so I don't know what happened but in one fell swoop, LJ destroyed my entire custom layout and won't let me go back. I may need help. Is there anyone on my friends list who still knows how to custom design an LJ?
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Sofrito Turkey Burgers

No pics tonight. Don't be sad. I just wanted to tell you what I made for dinner tonight, since it was a new recipe and a fun experiment.

I was trying my friend Zoraida's sofrito turkey burger recipe. According to Wikipedia, within the context of Spanish cuisine, sofrito consists of garlic, onion, and tomatoes cooked in olive oil, and is used as the base for many dishes.

For this recipe, I had 1 lb of ground turkey (I used lean but not the 99% extra lean because you want the meat to be a bit juicier than the extra lean will be). Plan off of that for measurement purposes.

First I chopped up 1/4 of a yellow onion, diced a tomato (finely) and chopped a clove of garlic. Ok, I chopped two but my friend's recipe only called for one. I like a lot of sue me. I only used half the tomato and I probably could've used the whole thing, but I got scared because it looked like too much tomato. In hindsight, it would've been fine. Be proud of me though---I chopped the onion without crying at all. Go me! I think part of that is because I've gotten so much better at chopping, with all the practice I've gotten from the garlic, that 1/4 an onion went pretty quickly, before the aroma could really hit my eyes.

I started by heating up some olive oil in the pan. Maybe 2 tablespoons. Then I sauteed the chopped onion until it was soft (but not burning) and then tossed in the tomato and garlic. I sauteed everything together until it was soft and mushy (kinda like the consistency of the tomatoes and herbs in my stuffed pepper recipe). Then I turned off the heat. That's sofrito.

Now you have to let the sofrito cool (but not get cold) before you mix it into the raw ground turkey. You don't want it to be too hot because it'll cook the turkey meat in the bowl. Once you mix everything together (use your hands - don't be dainty), cover the bowl and let it all sit in the fridge for about 15 minutes or more. This will let the flavors all blend together with each other. Then you take it out and make burger patties, which you can cook however you normally cook burgers. I usually use the George Forman, but I got nervous about all the flavor dripping away (since I was already using lean turkey) so I did it in my grill pan instead. Ugh and now I have to wash my frying pan AND my grill pan and a buttload of other dishes. Why don't I have a maid again?

I ate two little ones on whole wheat buns with American cheese and ketchup. Yum! Zoraida, on the other hand, prefers her sofrito turkey burgers (from what I can remember) with a slice of ham, some pineapple spread (gag) and thin buns (I tried to find some, but they only had whole-grain or something chunky and oat-ish, and I was not in the mood). She told me that's how they served them to her in Ecuador last time she visited.


By the way, I've noticed that most of my recipes involve tomatoes and I have a friend who is allergic to tomatoes. I would love to have her over for dinner and cook for her, but I'm not sure what to make. Any suggestions would be outstanding. I may make the porkchops for her, since there's nothing in those she can't eat (I don't think) but I'd like to try something new if I can.

I also bought a family pack of Beef Eye Round Steaks at the store a few weeks ago, which are getting bored in my freezer. Any ideas what I should do with them? I may just salt and pepp them up and try something new for a side instead (maybe brussel sprouts?) but suggestions are, again, very welcome.
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Pasta Sauce with Lean Ground Turkey

Hey guys. This is going to be a fairly quick post. I just wanted to write a little bit about a dish I made a few nights ago. It's fairly quick and simple and it's a good way to get rid of that extra ground turkey you have leftover after making those Stuffed Peppers I blogged about previously.

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This is a great meal for Tupperware leftovers and it's pretty simple. It's no Mom's Spaghetti Sauce, but it's good in a pinch and the turkey really does something to it that I really like.

As per usual, let me know if you try this recipe out and how it went. :-)
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Rosemary-Garlic Porkchops

Tonight was a very fun night. I hadn't planned for it to be. I was supposed to cook dinner last night and I got semi-blown off by the friend who was supposed to come over. I say semi because she still wanted to come over, but she basically told me not to bother cooking dinner because she wasn't in the mood to eat it. To which my response was, "don't even bother coming over." But that's a whole different story and involved a history of her blowing me off to justify that reaction.

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I saved the Butterfinger for much later. It was also satisfying. :-)
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Stuffed Peppers

Tonight I made one of my new favorite recipes, Stuffed Peppers (My Way). I mentioned these in the last post, but now I have some yummy photo-evidence and I'm ready to talk at greater length about these peppers.

I'm ridiculously proud of this recipe. I basically took a stuffed pepper recipe I found online and messed around with it so that it was more to my liking. The end result ended up being, by my friend Jessica's calculations, 400 or less calories. So what's this recipe all about, you ask? Well, I'll tell you.

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So that's my peppers. I love to make them. If anyone tries this recipe out, I hope they'll let me know. It's really delish and I was so proud that I found a recipe where I'm eating PEPPERS (OMG, I'm eating vegetables!) and actually ENJOYING them. And if I take out the turkey, I can actually say I know a vegetarian meal. LOL! I've even tested it out on a vegetarian and she approves. WOO!

And on that note, I'm late to go watch Whip It! with a friend, so I'm off. Oddly enough, the first (and only other) time I saw this movie, it was when I made these stuffed peppers for the very first time. It must mean Ellen Page loves my stuffed peppers too. Yeah...that's what that means. Spread the word.
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Ode to Quinoa (and some honorable mentions)

As I mentioned in one of my filtered posts, I've decided to start blogging about my experiences learning how to cook more meals, how to eat healthier, how to prepare vegetables in different ways and actually enjoy them, and in general try to change the way I think about food and eating. This is my first post, though it wouldn't have been if I'd remembered to take pictures of a previous meal which I will mention briefly at the end.

Since there will be pictures, I'll probably use cut tags on all these posts. So best to just click the cut and read from there.

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Some honorable mentions that were not blogged about because I was too lazy when I made them:

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I should also mention, if anyone wants any recipes and I'm vague about something I've made, feel free to comment and I'll be happy to share. These aren't secret family recipes or anything. Most of them I'm finding online and experimenting with or bastardizing to my tastes.
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