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_gwilwileth's Journal

16 May 1959
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I am a mother of two (girl, 28, boy, 25). We have two dogs (Jack Russell Terriers) Jackie O (I know not very original, but we couldn't come up with any other name at that time (4 yrs ago) nowadays we have plenty to choose from. The O is for our last name which also begins with O.) and Nipper (Yes, it's named after the 'His Master's Voice' dog), well one is my son's, but since he is working gardens all week, we baby-sit his dog, so that makes two dogs, right? I do not have a job, because my husband didn't want me to work when we had our children, and he likes to come home in a house that is 'occupied' rather than empty. Lately I have gone to Metal Meetings with my kids and seeing bands that I like.
afi, david bowie, dio, fanfiction, metal meetings, omnia, reading.