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Life lessons learned

 I was just thinking, all things considered, I'm glad I did what I did, took the route that I took after college. That is to say, I'm glad I took time off to work, and persue and and explore other interests rather than going to grad school directly after college (which some/many schools and/or people don't necessarily recommend as it doesn't allow for enough personal development, etc).

I'm glad I got to work a bit to be able to learn new skills and add to my resume, and I'm definetely glad I got to travel and fulfill my desire to teach and travel.

I think if I had for some reason decided to go to grad school directly after college I'd probably be in journallism/broadcast journalism school right now, as that is what I spent a lot of time exploring a few years back and it's really something I wanted to do with my life back then. Do I still love journalism? -Sure. Do I still love writing?- Of course. Am I a stickler for proper grammar and spelling? -Duh (I'm not the best on punctuation, but I'm working on it. My AP Stylebook aka "Journalist's Bible" is sitting right behind me on my shelf :) )

I'm most satisfied with the fact that I was able to go to France to teach (and travel in my spare time, which I have had too much of... (or is it 'of which I may have had too much'? - It was drilled into me to never end a sentence with a preposition, although there are exceptions to the rule))

... back on track....

I'm glad I went because I was able to really dive into an insufficiently explored interest- teaching. I really enjoyed since since I first did it 'for reals' as a FIG Leader, and the year before that as a Dawg Daze volunteer. Now I'm able to see how important education is to me and how much I value a good education. Lo and behold, interests and desires change and I'm exploring the possibility of going down the Master's in Teaching English path in the future.

lessons learned, eh?