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fleur de lys

She said I have an "excellent" résumé...

.. so why isn't anyone interviewing me?  Maybe sending out apps Sat night isn't the brightest idea?   My justification for this is that I want them to be near the top of whomever's email in box when it's opened Monday after the weekend away. hmpf.

I went to the local Worksource office today for their r
ésumé/ cover letter lab and had a woman who is a former technical recruiter for Boeing review my résumé and cover letters and in regards to my résumé she said it was excellent and the only things she marked on it were to change my font size and reorganize sections, like putting ‘Skills’, ‘Languages’, [reintroducing my use of the Oxford comma.. I don’t know how I feel about that yet] and ‘Education’ below the ‘Objective’ and above ‘Experience’, as “being trilingual and having a Bachelor’s degree are definitely assets hiring managers are looking for these days.” 

Assets, eh?  Well… someone’s not looking for me hard enough :p  How many trilingual, Bachelor’s educated, well (?) traveled, culturally diverse people are there out there?  Yes, I know, lots.. but damn!

 Concerning the cover letters, she told me they were both very well written and as far as improvements go, she suggested making sure that the information in the middle of the letter is really tailored to the specific job. And she said that it “looks great” and the “rest of this is exactly what we teach in our résumé/cover letter writing workshops.”

 Plus one for me I guess.  Now if only the right people could see that too.

 I found a job as an Admission Counselor that I’d absolutely kill for and I think that my application packet is pretty damn good, as good as I can make it at least.  The job closes this Friday, so we’ll see how it goes.  Of course the job hunt has many other tangents and possible detours in the road… but.. Oh man.  This job is just like the UW Admission Counselor job I applied to (which I would also kill for).  Ah, if only it were so easy.