fleur de lys

absolutely ludicrous

According to my rough calculations, I make ~$100 too much every month to qualify for low income health insurance.

So many parts of that previous sentence are so absolutely ridiculous that I don't even want to think about it.

As of right now looks Iike I'll be crossing my fingers, very tightly, that I don't get sick or injured in the next six months. 

fleur de lys

Live for the weekend...?

   I live for the weekends, I don't want to have to do that :-/  oh well.
At least the weekends bring super fun times like 25th bday parties playing Apples to Apples and Ride the Ducks tours on lovely, sunny morning days.
fleur de lys

life is UNREAL

 Belive in fate?  Destiny?  Higher Powers... which prevent "Situation X" from developing further, thus remaining the original "situation X" ?  Why "event XYZ" happened/happens in the first place?

Blows to the psyche make me think about this.. or rather, a blow to the psyche has made me think about this.

life can be/ is (?) UNREAL.
fleur de lys

MPL me manque

 Sometimes I really miss my old friends from Montpellier desperately.  I guess realistically I don't miss the city itself as the people I met there, the majority of whom are no longer in MPL.

I could expand on this and various feelings involoved, but I won't for now b/c my fingernail on my right pointer finger is really short and it hurts to type.. so .. later.

I haven't started work yet and I'm already "Out of money" before I even have it; that is to say, I know how it'll be spent.  $500/mo for the student loans, $500/mo for Disneyland (try my hardest to save as much as I can and see how things pan out), $500/mo for a ticket & trip back to "Montpellier"-- which in a perfect world would consist of:
-Going to MPL to visit the school, teachers, and former students :)
-Tour  more of the Languedoc region
-Go to London to visit my cousins
-Go to Birmingham (or Almeria?) to visit Paco
-Go to Porto to visit Marta
-Go to Granada to visit Sanaa

.. jam packed intinerary but I reallllllllly, realllllllllllllllllllllllllllly want to!  *le sigh*
AND my parents want to go visit my grandparents next summer.. A) if there's enough money to buy me a plane ticket maybe I can go too? B) maybe I add on my whirlwind Europe tour onto the start or end of my parent's trip if I go with?  **insert a million more tangents here**

wait 'n' see what the furture holds.

In interesting news, if things go well, 2 family members may visit this year.  Magda from my paternal grandmother's side who is my... something-something... may come in Oct for a while before heading to vacation/work in Hawaii (she's  a freelance painter and journalist) and Anna may come in May (or sooner) !!! :D :D :D  now THIS would be AWESOME!!!  Her Visa for the US expires in May 2010, so it'll be down to the wire soon enough.  It wouldn't be so stressful if she'd just get herself a UK Resident card.  Oh well.

on verra....

fleur de lys

sick of suburbia...

 Why am I sick of suburbia (as always) and dying to move to the city (as always)?  Because in suburbia you don't get:

-Happy hour overlooking Lake Union, watching boaters and kayakers float by and seaplanes whizz by overhead
-U Village up the road..
-Getting to U VIllage from 15th via Ravenna Blvd and drooling over all the beautiful Victorian-esque homes
-Eating Red Mango ice cream in the sunshine
-Beautiful, large Barnes and Noble where I could blow a bazillion dollars
-Toddlers running around said B&N store yelling "Obama".  What darling little Seattlites :)
-Sbux inside B&N in which to enjoy one of a bazillion freshly purchased books
-Newly remodled Sbux (w/ fireplace?) on the corner which stays open to 1 or 2 am
-Cute (if expensive at $3 a pop) Trophy Cupcakes where the cupcakes still taste good and fresh 10 min before closing
(and no, I didn't have coffee, ice cream and a cupcake in the same evening... Trophy was 2 wks ago and Red Mango was tonight ;) )

*views of Lake Washington.. they're nice driving west over 520, but of course a million times better driving east.

heart.break (!!!!) everytime I have to get on I-5 South in order to leave my darling Seattle and go home 
*le sigh* :-/

I guess if anything it may give me some more determination to get my ass in gear and do something worthwhile, whether it be work or school, with my life, in order to move back to my fave city :)  I can only hope.