Monika (_gummibears) wrote,


I feel completely defeated at work.  :-/  I feel like I'm really having a hard time getting into the swing of things, not working as fast as I should be, and panicking over small things when I should really be able to keep my composure (ie. a sign of not dealing with the stress well, I guess).    So, I can't budget my time accordingly nor time I handle the pressure?

Fall has barely started and I'm already feeling like I give myself daily heart attacks.  What am I going to do when the work load triples at the height of the season?

Def goes to show me that I can't be, and am not, good at everything.
Wish I *could* find a job that I'm good at. :-/

I hate greedy bankers and real estate people for causing the economy to fail and (practically) ruining my life :-/
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