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 looking forward to having some time to myself this weekend.. having time to catch up on life.. again.
possible activities:
-sleeping in
-GRE studying
-email writing (finally!)
-package mailing (finally!)

we'll see.
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.. with my life I guess.
Reading things like this makes me unsatisfied with my own life, knowing I worked just as hard as she did in college and now she gets paid to spend part of her work hours covering the reception desk getting paid to tinker online and do facebook quizzes.

happy for her success though. Who has the money to even consider buying $400 Jimmy Choo shoes these days?

faceboook status--

{friend} :
is headed to bellevue to check out Bravern and then dinner at tap house. look out Jimmy Choo
Il y a 2 heures via Facebook pour BlackBerry

...Le sigh.
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 I want to learn how to become a better person, live a more positive life.

In other news, I'm looking forward to the weekend.  Hopefully it'll include: a trip to the Greenlake Road Runner Sports store to buy new shoes, testing out said new shoes at Greenlake, GRE studying at Greenlake (still iffy), a trip to Easy Street Records to pick up the current Cut Copy and Passion Pit CDs, swinging by the Needle to say hi to the Spaceshooters, pleasure reading time, more GRE studying, and, gym time.... and whatever else I squeeze in... like a trip to the post office.. almost forgot that one.

In other news, I finally signed up for Beginning Spanish at GRCC (as a continuing education course).  Unfortunately, it doesn't start til late Sept, so I still have some waiting to do.

Also, where did the automatic spellcheck/correct function go on LJ? lameo. 
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I feel completely defeated at work.  :-/  I feel like I'm really having a hard time getting into the swing of things, not working as fast as I should be, and panicking over small things when I should really be able to keep my composure (ie. a sign of not dealing with the stress well, I guess).    So, I can't budget my time accordingly nor time I handle the pressure?

Fall has barely started and I'm already feeling like I give myself daily heart attacks.  What am I going to do when the work load triples at the height of the season?

Def goes to show me that I can't be, and am not, good at everything.
Wish I *could* find a job that I'm good at. :-/

I hate greedy bankers and real estate people for causing the economy to fail and (practically) ruining my life :-/