April 1st, 2007


The Moscow, Russia, April 7th performance of MANOWAR has been cancelled due to technical difficulties that are beyond the band's control. More details will follow.

Сцуки, ненавижу, мы уже купили билеты. И это не первоапрельская шутка. :(

Все пиндосы такие вот. Мечту децтцва, можно сказать, испоганили.

April 1, 2007
Problems solved! Moscow show confirmed!
Through the aide of our Russian promoter and sponsor, all technical issues have been quickly resolved allowing MANOWAR to confirm their show for Moscow. MANOWAR will perform on Saturday April 07, 2007 as planned.


Всё равно пиндосы. Это не ТРУ!
Некоторые товарищи уже начали рассуждать о тесной взамосвязи Мановара, Лужкова и Пасхи. :)