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Female Genre Art Redux

So this came up, yet again...

The crux point for me where understanding failed - and I do TRY to understand - was in the comparison of these two images:

If you object to the one on the left I can't see why you wouldn't also object to the one on the right. Aesthetically perhaps, yes, you might like one or the other more on grounds of proportionality, pose, execution etc (Zel's good, but still) but on content? Both depict female characters of unconventional build (Amazonian/broad). Both are similarly covered up. The Trollette is dressed perhaps more pragmatically for her little hunting trip. The amazon on the right is wearing useless armour this is bulky, revealing and not much use as armour. She's also striking the impractical sexy pose and is passive.

The trollette is exposing a little more flesh (not much, that midrift is leather armour, not skin, and those are shorts, not a miniskirt). If it weren't for the right hand amazon's boots there wouldn't be much in it.

I regard these two images as being essentially the same. Indeed I'd favour the trollette as a more positive image of an unconventional female fantasy figure. More realistic figure/shape, active stance, accomplished etc.

Apparently not though, though that's the opinion of someone I respect.

I recall a trip to London once, going around an art gallery following an elderly American couple. The woman was at least consistent in what works of the great masters of art down the ages she didn't like, which amounted to anything with bare breasts, which she thought was disgusting.

Even the process of TRYING to understand and work out what's objectionable seems to cause more trouble than it's worth. I'm about ready to give up.

30 day challenge Number 26 - Attraction

 What kind of person attracts me?

Looking back over my romantic history, such as it is, there is no common thread I can point at between the young ladies I've stepped out with or wished to have stepped out with.

I appear to have no particular 'type' in terms of body shape, secondary sexual characteristics, height or lack thereof, hair colour, personality, intellect or lack thereof, or anything else I can put a finger on.

When my hormones were just starting to putter into life I liked blonde girls, but that was pretty much because that was the accepted standard of beauty. Nothing to do with any personal taste - which hadn't developed yet. Later on in adolescent desperation the only criteria that was really needed was that they liked me, nothing else mattered really.

I've liked buxom and boyish, tall and short, nice and nasty, selfish and altruistic, busty and flat, curvy and railed, women of all racial types, intelligence and interests, bitches and angels.

The only unifying factor I can really think of is that most of them have been bad for me or 'damaged' in some way.

Still... married 10 years yesterday, so I must have got something right in the end.

30 day challenge - Number 23 - The Hotness

Fuck... pictures of people you find attractive who are famous? I don't generally think of celebrities that way, past the occasional 'phwoar' when it's pretty much in your face. 'Phwoar' isn't really the same thing as being attracted to someone though. Celebrities are all mask, false-front. It's their characters you find attractive more than them, you know nothing about them really and, given the amount of anti-semitic and other crazy rants people come out with lately, you might get a nasty shock.

I find normal people attractive. I'm more likely to have my eye attracted by a girl walking down the street than I am a model on a hoarding. Of course, then I get slapped up-side the head by my wife, so I've been Pavlovian conditioned not to find anything or anyone attractive. At the risk of further slappage, I'll say that I've also been blessed by a pretty attractive group of friends down the years and thereby spoilt for eye candy.

I guess I'd better show willing though, but keep in mind this is all based on physical appearance and portrayal, not the real person who I don't know and thus may find repugnant.
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