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This won't mean anything to most people...

Q. How can I get The Saga of Ryzom to run under Linux?

A. This is a difficult one as Ryzom isn't really designed to run under Linux particularly, having this in common with a great deal of commercial games software. However, it IS possible to get Ryzom to run under Linux, though it is a complicated and long procedure. First, uninstall Linux and put the disks away somewhere. Then install Windows XP and apply service packs and patches. Install Ryzom and you should be able to play without any problems. If you find yourself suffering any further problems, simply repeat to yourself that not everything is designed to run on linux, over and over.
just me


I _DID_ regard Ryzom as the greatest MMO out there at the moment, in terms of style, roleplay and community.

They just brought in some major PvP stuff though and, well blow me if people didn't start immediately acting like RAGE infected monkeys.


Maybe DDO will be worth a look :(