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"The Quintessential Temptress is, of course, a slight exception being, as it is, after all, a bit of a piss-take. There is, however, a great deal of genuinely useful information contained within this book in spite of the humour and mirth, things that can be used practically. Some people lacking in the essential brain cells required to tell humour from seriousness, or who excuse their lack of understanding of the joke by accusing humour of perpetuating stereotype and persecution may find something within this book to offend them. Jolly good; enjoy being upset, you know you do. The rest of us will get on with having a jolly good – not to mention harmless – chuckle."

I wrote that back in 2004 but in spite of any number of disclaimers and to above, Cassanda-ish prediction, I'm still getting shit over it. As well as Nymphology: Blue Magic, Hentacle, etc etc.

This is all courtesy of the internet troll and drama-llama Kynn (Dazedsaveends on Twitter). Of course, since they're a transgender who chooses to call themselves a woman, you can't say anything against them without being simultaneously a misogynist and a transphobic. If only I were a member of a minority so I had something to insult people with they point out that I'm full of crap. Of course, I'd also have to be the kind of gutless fuckwit who can't support an argument and has to resort to ad hominem to plaster that gap too, but, you know, baby steps.
The irony, again, for those who missed it last time around, is this. The books that this person keeps banging on about are saying the opposite of what they think that they are.
Nymphology, Quintessential Temptress etc, these were taking the mick out of existing stereotypes of women in fantasy, games and RPGs. While also slipping some usable material in under the radar. As I recall the original pitch (when asked) was for something more serious but you do what you're paid to do and more comedy was asked for. You can call me a sell out if you like but it's hard enough to make it in this industry and scrape a living without handicapping yourself. I did what was asked, made fun of misogynistic attitudes in gaming and got some serious stuff in anyway.
Hentacle is, again, satirical, making fun of both hentai and western attitudes towards it.
I'm sorry if that's too complicated and nuanced for some people.
Here's a case in point, is this sexist, or making fun of sexists? You tell me...
And for the record, I am not homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic or whatever else you choose to accuse me of. I do, however, hate liars and twats and people who spread hate and misinformation. Indeed I'm usually the one that calls others on their 'isms'. 

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My First Comic Book!

It is a strange and distant future but it isn't without its pest problems. High in the organic towers of the growing cities our heroine finds that she's sharing her apartment with the most tenacious and horrible pests that you can imagine, Christians.

This comic includes the short story upon which it was based, part of a forthcoming collection of short stories titled 'Letters to the 21st Century'.
My one remaining unfulfilled ambition has always been to write a comic book and now that's finally done! Alright, so it's just PDF publishing (though I think I'll put a small version onto Lulu as well) but still, top of the world Ma!

Buy it HERE

Yay and, indeed, woo.

Despite various, costly, plumbing disasters I've picked up two very nice, very big jobs lately. One is for Axe Initiative and the other for Socialgears. You can also expect to see a couple of articles by me in Polymancer Magazine someday soon and the glacial pace of Cubicle7 releases should, hopefully, result in some of the work I did for them back in the pre-Cambrian era coming to light as well. Which will be very nice!

Working for Socialgears is a bit of a break for me, the pay's reasonable but it's a lot of hard work. It could lead into greater things though. They seem impressed by my ideas and it could be an in for me into working more on the world building, lore and quests of more CRPGs. Browser games are huge and, from there, I may get other opportunities. To make sure I get a proper grasp of what they're doing and their game as it stands - which is why I'll be working on improving - I'd appreciate it if people could help me out with it. Their app currently runs on Facebook and you can join it HERE, which will make you part of my adventuring party. If you also want to join clan 'Postmortem' you'll get a nice joining bonus and it'll help me explore their current iteration of the game from a user standpoint and design and write more intelligently for it.