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What catalyzed your venture into the alternative, assuming you're there?

 What does alternative even mean? (He said, skipping ahead to the next topic). Since I were a sprog the idea of mass culture and mass media has kind of taken a hit. Only the broadest and most low of denominators can be considered universal any longer and even then not so much since so many of us, not just hipsters, reject slush entertainment.

Am I alternative? What IS mainstream now? Pop music? Who buys singles or really listens to the charts any more? Clothing? Everyone seems to be sort of doing their own thing outside of the fashion classes. If there's no mainstream what am I an alternative TO?

Maybe this needs more exploration in the next post...

When I was younger of course, there was a mainstream. I was never really part of it but I had no self definition or identity, no group, no presence in something apart from that until fairly late in secondary school where I first fell in with the heavy metal crowd, accessing them via our shared interests in roleplaying. Music's never been a really huge part of my life though, not as it is in defining so many other people. I felt like I was more about the clothes, the persona, the album covers, the culture. Interest in darker things, things that other people shy away from.

This is going to sound horribly conceited but if I've ever been part of an alt culture it's part of the 'subculture' of actually being interested in the world and making intelligent inquiries. Wanting to learn, wanting to know things. Not just going along with the flow or wanting the typical things.

In THAT sense I've always been 'alternative' in the more common sense, since secondary school. What catalysed it? Reading a lot in the first instance, metal subculture in the second.

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30 day challenge - Number 16 - Music

I'm not that into music as a rule. There's songs I like and I'll listen to them for years. A couple of bands I followed (Tool, White Zombie, Monster Magnet, NIN) but not really as a 'fan' per se.

Mainstream, popular music? Whatever the opposite of a 'fan' is, I guess I'm that. While an appreciation for stuff I used to hate filters through after a decade or so, for the most part I hate vapid pop music and have a particular hate-on for what they call 'R&B'. The only rap I like is very old stuff or stuff that's a parody (Nerdcore, chap-hop etc).

Where do you even go to find new music these days? MTV? They don't show music any more. Top of the Pops? Doesn't exist any more. Radio? Commercials and the few crappy pop tunes that climb an increasingly irrelevant singles chart.


'Meh'sic more like.