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The Episode Where Grim is Annoyed

I've been waiting to see the best way to help out with the Tsunami relief in Japan for a while now, hoping there'd be a game bundle I could contribute to. There hasn't been. So instead, last night, I got a wild hair up my arse to go it alone and put together a Hentacle/Cthentacle bundle. Then I thought I'd ask all my arty and other friends to contribute.

(If I haven't asked you yet, consider this to be me asking).

You can go check out the appeal HERE

Some people though...

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THIS came up on Twitter the other day and it's painfully groan-worthy reading. It's also ironic since it's making 'fun' of people's common tacks to dismiss arguments while, at the same time, essentially being a guide to arguments that must be dismissed.

Additional irony comes in with on the one hand criticising scientific studies for being biased and at the same time complaining that the argument 'you have an agenda' has no merit. Science at least works to eliminate bias through peer review and the confirmation of results through repetition. If you do have an agenda that cannot help but colour your views through confirmation and cognitive bias. To choose a less emotionally triggering example than persons of minorities, take climate change deniers or creationists. Their agenda very much colours how they interact with and perceive data. People with an agenda will tend to filter everything they take in by rejecting that which doesn't conform to their pre-existing worldview and only accepting that which supports - or which they think supports - that worldview.

This is true with any strongly held position and it take a lot of work to overcome, particularly through exposure to other points of view than your own and examining them rationally.

The 'article' also attempts to simultaneously invalidate the personal experience of the 'privileged' person while sanctifying the personal experience of the person claiming discrimination. Both are personal experiences and are anecdotal, functionally useless when examining an issue dispassionately and factually.

There are some good and occasionally humorous points on this article, but overall it ends up shooting itself in the foot through hypocrisy, irony and, perhaps most awfully, carrying with it the implicit idea that in order to comment or hold an opinion on any issue (with or without supporting evidence) relating to a minority you must, per force, be 'privileged' to be a member of that minority.

As a left-anarchist by ideology and a socialist by pragmatism I'm for equality and the tearing down of privilege in whatever form it takes but I can't help feeling that this sort of overblown pomposity and total lack of humour, perspective or introspection is counter-productive, whatever and whoever you are.
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Slayer's Guide to Female Gamers

Hopefully Matt won't mind me dredging up his evidential post from RPGnet in 2002. Funny to see GMS was being a bit of a dick back then too. The more things chance, the more they stay the same... you can find the thread on Google with a search for the book title and 'review' but you'll have to view it 'cached'. Set the Wayback Machine to 2002:

Anybody else get the feeling that this is going to be a contender for longest thread on this forum :)

A few interesting points about the Slayer's Guide to Female Gamers to consider;

1. At both Gen Con UK and US it was our best selling book by far, even eclipsing Slaine at the former. We sold out at both conventions.
2. I estimate around 75% of all books were bought by females.
3. To date, I have had one, just one complaint from someone who has actually _read_ the Slayer's Guide to Female Gamers. Support for it has been pretty incredible, mostly from the female audience. I ain't making that up :)
4. This book has proved quite controversial - but only among those who have _not_ read it.
5. There is a clear warning label on the back cover. Basically, it warns that this is a gender parody.

Those who have raised pro- and anti-feminist arguments against this book are reading _way_ too much into things. It is a joke. A Michael take. A bit of fun. You personally may not find it funny at all - that is your perfect right. However, it is not the work of Satan, it does not target women, nor does it belittle them.

I am quite prepared to listen to anyone who wishes to criticise this book - but only _after_ they have read it.

A small bit of history. When this book was first announced, several people on industry-only forums (the ones most of you guys don't get to see but where, apparently, publishers are supposed to bait one another) went completely over the top, claiming it was heralding the end of RPGs as a mass market medium, that female gamers would be turned away in droves and all sorts of other nonsense. One publisher even advised retailers that they should not stock this book, nor its twin, SG Rules Lawyers. Think about that for a moment - one publisher was actively going around telling people not to buy another publisher's book. If my mortgage did not depend on our books, that would have been really funny. . .

In short, I have heard enough rubbish about this book. We have had one complaint from someone who has actually read it which, considering sales, is rather good going. Slag this book off all you want - but please read it first. You don't even have to buy it. Just read it.

As for Gareth - you really need to take your head out of your rear end, mate. Please understand that your opinions do not impress me that much and I am getting rather tired of your attitude towards us across the industry forums. To bring your beef with us here beggars belief. If you have any salient points to raise, please contact me in private and I will do my level best to answer them.

Now that is over, many thanks to everyone who has supported us over the past 18 months or so. It is _very_ much appreciated and we are working hard not to let you down with future releases. Oh, and check out Slaine when you get a chance. No, it is not as funny as Female Gamers. But it has a lot more axes, Warp Spasms, witches and druidic rites (funny that this sort of subject material doesn't get anyone excited any more. . .).

Have fun gaming!

Matthew Sprange
Mongoose Publishing

Of all the book signings I've ever done, I think I signed more copies of this SG than anything else I've done, primarily for women, even more than The Munchkin's Guide to Powergaming. Anyone who even passingly knows me knows that I'm not sexist and frankly, I shouldn't have to defend myself against illiterate liars like this but, as a writer, it can't help but bother me when people get entirely the wrong end of the stick.

This is why I stopped going to RPGnet, too many kooks.
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Sorry, but you're being a cunt.

You know when you got drunk that time? Yeah? Embarrassed yourself and everyone around you and they all did that very British thing and acted like it wasn't happening and let you continue to make an arse of yourself? Today I'm the guy who gently reminded you not to shit in the sink.

You might be my friends, many of you, or at least passing acquaintances but - nonetheless - I find it shocking that pretty much any of my generation - Thatcher's Children - are remotely conservative. We lived through the wholesale dismantling of our birthrights from public ownership of essential infrastructure to milk for kids, which many of us were at the time. Maybe I'm immune to some peculiar ageing process that turns stand up, regular people into Norman Tebbit and makes them lose sympathy for other human beings or long term vision, but I find that especially fucking peculiar in the context of the current situation.

Will Wheaton says don't be a dick but I'm fucking British and we use swearing like punctu-fucking-ation and I'm telling you not to be a cunt.
  • When we look at the university fee issue I'm seeing people who I might otherwise respect sounding like Daily Mail headlines. I hear 'spoiled', I hear 'mollycoddled', I hear that old chestnut of 'scroungers'. Here's a tip, if what you're saying sounds like it's coming out of the mouth of Nigel Farrage or Jan Moir, you're a cunt.
  • If you've enjoyed a subsidised or grant-based higher education, and you're taking the side of the government or the filth, you're a cunt.
  • If you don't understand why this feels like such a betrayal by the Lib Dems and think they shouldn't have taken a stand on this, you're a cunt.
  • If you've got kids and you're taking the side of the government or the filth, you're a cunt.
  • If you don't understand that police provocation plays a major part in the misrepresentation of protesters here, or what the police have to gain by doing such when their own budget is under fire, you're a cunt.
  • If you don't understand that beating children and dragging people out of wheelchairs is unacceptable or that not letting people complete their protest is unacceptable or that kettling in the freezing cold without food or toilets causes an adverse reaction, you're a cunt.
  • If you think 'The Big Society' is going to work, you're a cunt who needs to read more Charles Dickens.
You might not be a total cunt, you might be a lovable cunt, you might be a cunt in the sense of 'Can I get you cunts a drink?' but you're still a disappointing cunt, even if I like you otherwise.

Are you going to continue to be a cunt as they paint the disabled as scroungers and malingerers? What about the unemployed? How long are you going to sit and take it without protest as important public services get scrapped and corporations and banks continue to be let off or bailed out? There might be a necessity to a lot of these bail outs but it's starting to take the fucking piss. What's more important, one millionaire or a million people in poverty?

I know in my social circle there's a lot of people with a variety of physical and mental issues, typically ones that are hard to confirm such as ME, fibro, chronic fatigue, manic depression and others that are amongst the ones most likely to get their money cut off or reduced with no better prospects of work than they had before. Are you going to be a cunt to them too? Are they mollycoddled, spoiled, over-entitled scroungers as well? With housing benefit being cut as well what are they supposed to do? Sell matches? Cater to the small disabled-fetish prostitution market?

What really fucking gets me is that some of you are complaining out one side of your mouth about the sense of entitlement and privilege these students apparently have and at the same time you're condemning the assault on the car of a glorified Toby Jug and Rod Hull impersonator who are two of the most coddled, protected and over-entitled fuckwits in the entire country. Is consistency too much to ask for here?

May I point out, as well, that these are not 'professional' protesters. They're not used to dealing with the police in this sort of context or being treated like this. Little wonder that most of them react as they do. May I also point out, before you start banging on about the student's selfishness or wanting a free ride at other people's expense, that most of them aren't protesting for their own sake but for that of coming generations. YOUR kids you ungrateful cunts.

Money isn't the only gauge of value in the world, we shouldn't commodify art or knowledge and yes, there's even cultural value to be had in a degree in fucking Klingon. Not everything is about money, not everything is about business and depriving people of higher education not only sabotages our knowledge base but also our cultural basis for the future.

Stop being cunts.

That goes for Wikileaks as well you fucking douchebag. They're trying to prosecute journalism as espionage. Does nobody see the dangerous precedent there? Freedom of speech and the press is vital to a democratic society, stop making excuses for the cunts who've been exposed as cunts...

...you cunt.

(Pic from Twitter and Boston.com, source of modded picture has long since scrolled into obscurity but I'll give credit if someone can tell me who to give it to)

...and another thing!

Tim's been staying with us for some time now and between financial constrictions, work and the onset of my depression we haven't been able to do a great deal with him. While the countryside here is restful and pretty people CAN get bored with it but, unfortunately, it seems like every plan and idea made to see other people or for them to come out and see him here keeps falling through for one reason or another, many of which - fairly or unfairly - seem like excuses.

When one of us, cammies or ex-cammies, goes to the US we seem to get the royal treatment. People take days off work to come and hang out, or travel hundreds of miles to see us or take us to something interesting yet it seems like people simply can't make the effort here. Even for Tim's birthday with plenty of notice, repeated invitations and a special occasion only four people joined us three to drink and socialise and frankly chaps, that's a poor show.

Tim came thousands of miles to see the UK but mostly to see his friends. We'd like to see some of you lot as well and so you can kill two birds with one stone if you'll just get off your arses and come see us. We're happy for you to come here, crash over, play games, whatever you want to do and it would be nice if some of you would invite Tim up to stay with you for a couple of days. I'm sure he'd like to see Reading, Winchester, Oxford, Cambridge, even Birmingham has its (few) charms.

Sort it out, eh? The lack of effort and willingness to do anything has been, frankly, shameful.

Lecture over.

What I Learned from Draw Mohammed Day

1. That viewpoints I once considered to be limited to Islamic extremists are held by a considerable number of relatively wealthy, educated and literate Muslims. It seems that Muslims of actual moderate position are the 'lunatic fringe'.

2. That Paedobear and Muhammed are a marriage made in heaven.
3. That Islamic Creationists are more fun than Christian Creationists because they think this is a new argument.

4. That there's apparently no Islamic concept of freedom of speech, so they don't get the concept and can't separate it from hate speech or incitement to violence.
5. That a lot of Muslims think we're all Christian in the west and can't wrap their heads around atheism.

6. That Islam has no answer to Muhammed's having sex with Aisha when she was nine. Or rather that the excuses make the whole topic even worse for them. This appears to be Islam's Achilles heel. Their unanswerable question.
7. That /b/ is the cancer that is destroying not just 4chan, but the internet as a whole, mind you, they did only appear to start playing up AFTER the Muslims missed the point of the whole thing and started slinging the abuse around.
8. That someone can say: "You cannot make fun of Islam, that's racist! Besides, this is all a Jewish plot!" with a straight face.

9. That a lot of Muslims equate the systematic murder of over six million people with doodling a 1400 year dead paedophile bandit with epilepsy.

10. That it isn't Nick Clegg's fault, it's the Jews. Always, always the Jews. Lose your car keys? It was the Jews. Spill milk? Jews. 9/11? Jews. Facebook allowing EDMD? Jews. Jews, Jews, Jews...
I used to think this insanity was limited to extremists and those in more backward and oppressed nations but I'm no longer convinced that's the case due to the sheer volume of Muslims approving of censorship, making death threats, displaying obscene racism and hatred (ironically while complaining about alleged racism and hatred) and approving of hacking in order to silence critics.

I may have to bump Islam up my 'threats to humanity' list ahead of Christianity (but after Apple) at this rate.

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As participation in 'Everybody Draw Mohammed' day (tomorrow, May 20th), in celebration of free speech in defiance of religious censorship I've done what I do and have dashed off a very slapdash and amateurish - and horribly blasphemous - card game.

You can download it HERE, ready for tomorrow.
Alternative download HERE.

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