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As is usually the way...

When one rests one gets ideas...

1. Chinese/Japanese Western - The chinese/american colony of the 1420s succeeds much better, landing on the west coast long before columbus lands eventually resulting in a chinese dominated America with a more modern, frontier outlook than China. This eventually results in a revolt against the homeland influenced by European traders and settlers in the east. Possibly derived from the Revolt of the Three Feudatories. Haishangxin being the capital in the West, probably heavily Manchu settled and more traditionally minded, New Amsterdam being the settlement in the east much more influenced by the western traders and settlers.

Possibly replace the civil war with an East/West war in the 1800s between traditional culture and slave ownership in the west and more progressive eastern ideas and technology.

Key concepts...

* No mass production, pistols and other weapons produced on small scales by master craftsmen with varying reputations and properties in the same way sword smithing was held up.
* Gun blades.
* Gun Fu.
* Martial arts.
* East/West fusion.
* Steampunk.
* Bamboopunk.
* Very low magic (crafting/martial arts) setting.

2. I worked out a way to make my battle card game work, I think.

3. Decided Cthentacle has to be done, really.