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Health & Stuff Update

So, back from the doc's.

I don't have an ear infection, but both my ears are completely blocked with wax left over from when I was sick and it's not shifting. So I'm stuck dripping oil into my ears until next week when I get an aggressive syringing. The pain in my ears is because the pressure can't equalise quickly, the heat and itching is because of the irritation rather than an infection. The really fun part is that having oil in your ears to clear the wax makes you a bit more deaf until it gets sorted.



I don't seem to react normally to any of these antidepressants, my side effects are peculiar and don't tend to conform to the literature. Essentially I seem to have very weird brain chemistry. There's a couple more different drugs we can try but the SSRIs all work in the same way and my reactions are likely to be similar. We've decided to stick with the Fluoxetine (Prozac) as its a known quantity and the drug that I've probably gotten on best with of the three I've been on. We're going to reduce my dosage from 40mg to 30mg (I was on 20 before). Hopefully that should lessen the side effects while giving me the good effects of the drug, all at a level I can cope with.

I've also been referred to the Community Mental Health team for additional support. I probably won't hear anything for months, they're stretched, but the extra support and expertise should help me cope with the dips more. The downside is that being on the 'radar' of the CMHT isn't always a good thing, it's like putting a flag up over yourself 'I have problems'. Still I feel that the expertise and additional help, especially given my odd reactions to drugs, is probably worth the risk.

So yeah, coping, can't say much more than that at the moment. Going to take at least a week to adjust to the 30mg dose, possibly as much as three weeks.

Thank you everyone for your ongoing support and understanding. It's appreciated more than I know how to show.
Tags: depression diary, health

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