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I'm going to do a very un-Grimlike thing and enthuse about a mower.


A mower.

We used to get our little plot of neighbouring bits of land mowed on the cheap, but what with things being as they are it's necessary to save some moolah. Paradoxically that means spending out to buy a mower and so we looked at the options.

What we eventually settled on, at my insistence, was the Bosch 34 LI which is rad because it's a cordless electric, rather than a petrol mower.

I think I made the right choice as even though it takes three charges to do both gardens, this is a plus since it forces you to take breaks. The really cool things about it however are that it is relatively quiet compared to petrol mowers and that it doesn't smell. That's the real bonus with it. When you're mowing you don't smell petrol fumes but rather the scent of the grass and anything else you run the mower over. While this may be a disadvantage if you go over some animal poop, most of the time it's nice. Some wild mind was growing in a patch in our garden and going over that was delightful - and I don't even like mint!

Hurrah for powerful, rechargeable batteries!
Tags: everyday stuff, shiny
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