_grimtales_ (_grimtales_) wrote,

15 Things

List the 15 items you would put in a time capsule to illustrate who you are right now to your future children.

1. A dictionary. (This year's edition).
2. A thesaurus. (Ditto).
3. A netbook.
4. Paper.
5. A fistful of biros.
6. A 20-sided dice.
7. A copy of SWING.
8. A bottle of Mountain Dew or can of Relentless.
9. A jar of Pataks.
10. A Playstation 3.
11. A picture of me and Donna curled up on the sofa playing games.
12. Train tickets to Reading and London.
13. A political dictionary.
14. A dartboard with David Cameron's face on it, plus a crossbow. A siege crossbow.
15. A figurine of a cat.
Tags: meme

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