_grimtales_ (_grimtales_) wrote,

One place or person you never want in your life again, and why.

It's not so much particular places that bother me - I'm not going to pick on people because that's just mean - so much as the process of getting from one place to another. Sure, there are places I don't like... Inverness, Catford, Salford, Texas, but I am a very stoic individual and when I know I'm in for a bad/boring/painful/embarrassing time I can brace myself. When it comes to hating such things though I'm very much of the 'It's not the destination, it's the journey' point of view.

I hate travel. I loathe it with an absolute passion. It's unpredictable, expensive, invasive, stressful, you're forced into the company of arseholes in close proximity and don't even get me started about flying. I find the whole nonsensical level of suspicion already stressful without being scanned or groped.

If I could take travel out of my life I would. I hate it. It's so far out of my comfort zone you can't get there on a travelcard. Roll on teleportation.
Tags: everyday stuff, meme, the depths of human idiocy

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