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Pure eastern philosophies often fall outside religious connotation. Which appeal to you, if any?

As has been noted previously that rather depends on your definition of religion. If it involves faith (belief without evidence) it doesn't appeal. If it invokes spirits, gods, magic or defies what is known based on fact then it doesn't appeal (save in a mythological sense). I love mythology but still, these things don't appeal as religions or philosophies.

Of the Eastern philosophies some forms of more secular Buddhism probably appeal the most, but I still have issues with the more secular versions of Buddhism. The extreme passivity, the commonality of vegetarianism and even in some of the more 'atheistic' forms the insistence of ideas about reincarnation and so forth.

I'm also not a fan of the fawning adoration for Tibetan Buddhism and the Dalai Lama when, frankly, what they had before amounted to a system of religious serfdom and there's implications in terrorism etc.

Short version, I can't think of a damn thing that is or is labelled a religion, in any sense, that appeals in any way save as a fanciful story.
Tags: culture wars, meme, religion

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