_grimtales_ (_grimtales_) wrote,

In an attempt to continue to be open about my illness...

Things I'll be discussing with the doc later today:

Ongoing Symptoms


Most of these have been lessened.

  • Tiredness during the day. (Unchanged).
  • Physical exhaustion without cause. (Lessened).
  • Lack of concentration. (Lessened).
  • Depressed/suicidal thoughts at night/when not occupied. (Lessened but persist for long periods, week/fortnight at a time).
  • Feeling of detachment from surroundings. (New).
  • Increased libido/frustration. (Slightly lessened).
  • Periodic episodes of high energy/focus (1-2 days a month/approximately) – Manifested in extreme work-focus, lots of ideas/enthusiasm for projects, overextension as I want to get a lot done in the time that I feel ‘normal’. Trying to pace myself proves impossible and overextension results in genuine mental and physical exhaustion and a lot of work I’ve made for myself when this passes. (Newish, hard to tell whether this is simply feeling normal).
  • Overreaction to minor setbacks. (Lessened).
  • Social anxiety/avoidance/desire to be alone. (New, social interaction was helping before).
  • Aches and stiffness (hands, back, legs, esp when walking). (Lessened).

I’ve tried taking my medication at different times of day but it seems to make no difference to any of the above.

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