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30 day challenge - Number 23 - The Hotness

Fuck... pictures of people you find attractive who are famous? I don't generally think of celebrities that way, past the occasional 'phwoar' when it's pretty much in your face. 'Phwoar' isn't really the same thing as being attracted to someone though. Celebrities are all mask, false-front. It's their characters you find attractive more than them, you know nothing about them really and, given the amount of anti-semitic and other crazy rants people come out with lately, you might get a nasty shock.

I find normal people attractive. I'm more likely to have my eye attracted by a girl walking down the street than I am a model on a hoarding. Of course, then I get slapped up-side the head by my wife, so I've been Pavlovian conditioned not to find anything or anyone attractive. At the risk of further slappage, I'll say that I've also been blessed by a pretty attractive group of friends down the years and thereby spoilt for eye candy.

I guess I'd better show willing though, but keep in mind this is all based on physical appearance and portrayal, not the real person who I don't know and thus may find repugnant.

Emily Deschanel

Plays a smart, geeky, sexually relaxed lady in Bones. All things I like. Plus, y'know, that Wonder Woman costume in that one episode. Phwoar, phwoar indeed.

Bettie Page
'Nuff said.

Ching He Huang
Do cooks count as famous? She can spice up my wok any time.

Gaya Patel

So she's a porn star, and not a big one, so what? It counts.

Ornella Muti
Because Princess Aura, that's why.

Tags: cries for attention, meme, sex
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