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The Episode Where Grim is Annoyed

I've been waiting to see the best way to help out with the Tsunami relief in Japan for a while now, hoping there'd be a game bundle I could contribute to. There hasn't been. So instead, last night, I got a wild hair up my arse to go it alone and put together a Hentacle/Cthentacle bundle. Then I thought I'd ask all my arty and other friends to contribute.

(If I haven't asked you yet, consider this to be me asking).

You can go check out the appeal HERE

Some people though...

Is this crass or insensitive? I don't think so. It's not a Godzilla or a Pearl Harbour comment, it's a charitable act leveraging a property I developed and own that's thematically associated with Japan (like it or not) in order to raise money to help people in need. Shouldn't be any problems right? Just using a product that I own, that fits and that sells a lot in order to support people in their times of need. Shouldn't be any issue, yeah?


Like some squamous, hideous, flaking, decrepit vulture, without the energy to forage like a decent scavenger, a galloping thundercunt(?) ruffles its decaying plumage and works itself into a squawking frenzy of manufactured outrage over the fact that I'm doing such a thing via the fictional sex of fictional people with fictional monsters, fictionally and in accordance with a widespread stereotype and western fascination with Japanese popular culture.

No good deed goes unpunished and this almost put me off doing the whole thing but since I did some research/stalking I discover that the gender-confused vulturine apparently almost makes a career out of throwing various strops about various topics and appears to have made specific life choices seemingly for the purpose of having more things to be outraged about.

I'm probably feeding the furnace by posting this but fuck it, quite frankly. As I tried to explain to Fred Hicks a while back, sometimes you know venting/shouting is the wrong thing to do but you just need to. It can be cathartic.

Amusingly the Latin nomenclature for the vulture is Cathartidae, which only makes the metaphor more appropriate.

If Grant Morrison can have people directly wanking for comic book success I don't see why I can't have people indirectly wanking for the good of humanity.
Tags: charity, culture wars, cunts, the depths of human idiocy
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