_grimtales_ (_grimtales_) wrote,

30 day challenge - Number 18 - My beliefs

I have a three-pronged belief system:
  • Justice
  • Vengeance
  • Killing the bastards
Alright, not really...

I'm as much defined by what I don't believe as what I do believe so let's try this in list format.
  • I believe in fairness and equality before the law.
  • I believe in the importance of education.
  • I believe religion, or more specifically faith, are a massive, negative force upon human development.
  • I believe in freedom of information and ideas.
  • I believe that if you force a child into a particular belief system you are being abusive (ideological or religious).
  • I believe that left-anarchism is the ideal for human existence.
  • I believe that socialism is the best alternative in our current state.
  • I believe this life is all we have.
  • I believe in the philosophies of utilitarianism and epicureanism, I co-mingle them.
  • I believe play and imagination are important.
  • I believe wealth disparity is a blight upon the world.
  • I believe in equal opportunities.
  • I believe in equality regardless of race, gender etc...
  • ...but I also believe I have the right to make fun of you for being pompous.
  • I believe in a healthy, libertine outlook on sex, pornography, adult themes etc.
  • I believe we should legalise drugs so that they can be controlled and honestly assessed.
  • I believe friends are the new family.
  • I believe logic, reason and evidence are the only sound bases upon which to proceed.
  • I believe science represents the best of us.
  • ...but so does art.
  • I believe the death penalty is wrong.
  • I believe abortion is fine.
  • I believe war is a wasteful abomination, but is sometimes justified.
  • I believe in the greater good.
  • I believe in maximum freedom for the greatest number.
  • I believe it when I 'see' it.
  • I believe one man can make a difference but that many men can make a huge difference.
  • I believe we're going to make it through peak oil and the energy crunch.
  • I believe we should go back to the moon.
  • I believe we should go to Mars.
  • I believe we should inhabit the whole solar system.
  • I believe we should reach for the stars.
  • I believe I'm done...
Tags: cries for attention, meme
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