_grimtales_ (_grimtales_) wrote,

30 day challenge - Number 11 - Music shuffle

I don't have an iPod, Donna would kill me and use my entrails to spell something crude, I do have Spotify, which will have to do...

This is all Phil Jupitus' fault, don't judge me, he was praising 'The Boo' on Twitter and this song earwormed into me and I had to exorcise it. Plus, UFO style video - Win.

Fucking awesome song that always picks me up and motivates me in the morning.

Dave turned me onto Lemon Jelly in the dog-days of the Cam and I've never looked back.

The defining moment from The Matrix, so always good for kicking arse.

Just won't stay out of my head lately and gets played a lot.

Well... you CAN'T!

He might be vegan, but you can't win 'em all.

As featured in Borderlands.

Monster magnet fucking rock, plus I look like Dave Wyndorf on a good day. That and I have a platinum cock...

A perennial favourite :)


Tags: cries for attention, meme, music

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