_grimtales_ (_grimtales_) wrote,

Tweets for Today

  • 09:08 Laying (Fnar!) out the next Cthentacle supplement, hopefully I'll get the corrupted map file for 6-pack a bit later too. #Work #
  • 11:12 Like porn, Lovecraft, bad puns? You're a niche market, but you're catered to Cthentacle:The Mountings of Madness tinyurl.com/4s9grjt #
  • 11:55 Cthentacle: At the Mountings of Madness UNLEASHED! nblo.gs/eGZCU #
  • 12:01 OK, I only have two 6-packs and any Freakshow's that turn up from Steve to layout, otherwise I'm free of all outstanding work. Booyah! #
  • 12:02 So barring freelancing it's all #SWING from now on baby. #work #RPG #
  • 12:17 Lunch break, then try and get back in the saddle for exercise, starting to podge out again :( #
  • 12:22 OK, srsly, lunchbreak now... I mean it. #
  • 13:30 On the look out for reviewers again, this time for Cthentacle. Would also like to hit some hentai/adult comic blogs/sites if possible. #
  • 15:37 I'm looking for people to review the Cthentacle CG for blogs/mags/sites, pref beyond normal gaming circles. Help me out oh geek-nexus! #
  • 16:05 If you like my stuff you should also buy this: bit.ly/gpLAmP for Pathfinder, adventure, monsters, stuff galore, easily adapted. #RPG #
  • 16:12 MinecraftRPG: declare what you want to do and roll 1d6, 1 succeed, 2-6 killed (2 zombies, 3 skeletons, 4 spiders, 5, creeper, 6 lava) #RPG #
  • 16:33 RE: Minecraft RPG 'FUCKING lava' wouldn't fit into the 140 character limit >.< #
  • 17:33 Me: Aww man, I'm getting belly pudge again. Cat: Could be softer... *Knead, claw, smush* Me: *BURST!* #Cat #
  • 20:21 Yay, got my missing map file. James Denton is a star and everyone should give him lots of work :) #
  • 20:33 I really, really don't want to think about the Hairy Biker's plums... #ohgodno #whathasbeenseencannotbeunseen #
  • 21:23 Cantrip Comprehensive: The School nblo.gs/eIfqJ #
  • 22:08 Controversy nblo.gs/eInin #
  • 22:11 Dear Gamers, my bank balance thanks your love of norks. Love G x #
  • 23:18 Ooh, Cthentacle AND Wizkid are in RPGNOW's top 15. Very nice, especially for Wizkid. #
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