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Tweets for Today

  • 00:14 Right, bedtime. Invaderz out tomorrow. Asking again if any reliable reviewers/bloggers want a copy to review (fairly quickly) get in touch. #
  • 07:29 The Grim's Tales is out! bit.ly/hOC1af ▸ Top stories today via @flyingtrilobite #
  • 09:11 OK, bookmarking done... export print version... upload download version, advertise... maybe a youtube promo... busy morning. #Work #
  • 09:16 #theorythursday - youtu.be/U6QYDdgP9eg #
  • 09:18 Kung Hei Fat Choi! #
  • 10:19 The new Invaderz Edition is out at RPGNOW, experimenting with App pricing: tinyurl.com/6ehu87m #RPG #Work #Invaderz #Awesomesauce #
  • 10:20 Invaderz Pocket Edition is also available in print from Lulu for a fiver: tinyurl.com/63el6ac #RPG #POD #Work #Puredistilledessence #
  • 10:27 Shout out again, if any reliable RPG game reviewers are willing to get out a review of Invaderz fairly swiftly, let me know and I'll comp. #
  • 10:34 You can also show your love for Invaderz on Facebook: tinyurl.com/5w3m75u #RPG #
  • 10:34 Invaderz Pocket Edition released! nblo.gs/dP0Yc #
  • 10:34 Last whoring for today unless I have time to finish a Youtube promo... :) #
  • 10:35 Invaderz RPG, new edition, experiment in app pricing, so buy if you want more cheap stuff! tinyurl.com/6ehu87m #RPG Please retweet! #
  • 10:39 Youtube can wait until tomorrow I think. Need a recharge and then get onto PF stuff. #
  • 11:15 In that peculiar limbo of waiting for groceries to be delivered and wondering if the Tesco man is lost, again. #
  • 11:24 Another hundred sales and I'll consider this a success ;) #
  • 12:08 OK, taking my medication in the morning makes me feel stoned, but more awake. Slightly better compromise. #
  • 12:19 #theorythursday = Interesting article on human sexuality, monogamy/poly ev psych and biology - tinyurl.com/6zpxnvy #
  • 12:59 This is the year of the rabbit. I was born in the year of the rabbit, the _wood_ rabbit. Hello ladies... ;) #
  • 13:10 Is translating the Goetia into game terms for Blood! worth the crazy theist and crazy magician hassle? Hmm... #
  • 13:19 Meanwhile, back to writing about elves and things for Pathfinder. #RPG #Work #
  • 14:46 RT @DocLoLiday: new #dickwolves blog post: bit.ly/fFk5Dx (More measured and less sarky than mine) #
  • 14:56 Tempted to create a 'Klimt Eastwood' T-shirt, but I reckon the art-history/spaghetti western venn diagram has a small crossover section. #
  • 15:58 Blar, drugs wearing off but got another section of the Pathfinder stuff done, monsters and templates tomorrow. #Pathfinder #Work #RPG #
  • 15:59 Tonight I'll blog about the pricing experiment and something for Invaderz to keep the pimping up. #
  • 15:59 Anyone got good links on the Adamant and 6d6 pricing experiments? #
  • 17:16 Mmm, money coming in from C7 sales, lovely jubbly :) Just at the right time too. #work #huzzah #
  • 17:44 Relinking to this blog again on #dickwolves because of timezones, then going to make food: bit.ly/fF9fQ2 #
  • 18:38 The link to the Invaderz facebook fanpage doesn't seem to work from the blog, maybe this will: tinyurl.com/5w3m75u #
  • 19:09 Damn it, been ambushed by story-game idea when I should be promoting Invaderz and doing blog posts. #
  • 19:12 Protip: Hentacle and Cthentacle make excellent valentine's gifts. #
  • 20:04 Why you should buy and play Invaderz nblo.gs/dQjf6 #
  • 20:06 Salesmanship is the bit I suck at, believe it or not, which is a shame because I love what I do and want other people to love it. #RPG #
  • 20:25 On App Pricing nblo.gs/dQlxQ #
  • 20:34 That's the blogs out of the way, now I can poke at this story game idea. #
  • 20:51 Worked out the system for this story game. If I had 24 hours spare this could be a 24 hour game entry. Just needs filling it. #RPG #
  • 21:06 RT @oldbie: Man, @TychoBrahe... dude can write, y'all. bit.ly/i6RAvy (On the Matter of Dickwolves) #
  • 21:12 All this fuss over the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus threatens to eclipse the plight of the Arboreal Jaspering Shrimp. #
  • 21:40 I liked a YouTube video -- That Mitchell and Webb Look: Homeopathic A&E youtu.be/HMGIbOGu8q0?a #
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