_grimtales_ (_grimtales_) wrote,

Fings and Schtuff

So, how's things?

Pretty good really. The ol' noggin seems to be on track and I've settled into a good, new, tempo of work where I swap between short projects and tasks and longer term ones, mixing things up to keep me interested. The only problem, I think, is that these drugs now seem to be making me a bit... manic. Which is a rarer side effect than pure anxiety, but is, apparently a 'thing' and not me just acting screwy for some other reason. Still, I suppose it's better to have a surfeit of energy rather than a shortfall and I seem to be getting quite a bit done.

Work's going along nicely, though headway on Agents of SWING is a little slower than I'd like, it's still about 1/4 done now. I've got various things commissioned coming up for shorter products, which hopefully should get things going and am just waiting on art and other material for some other things. I'm venturing into getting other people to write for me again too, which is difficult for an 'auteur' and control freak such as myself, but hopefully something good will come of it and I won't go spare.

I seem to have landed some more freelancing bits and bobs too, so juggling all of this is going to be the challenge, more than writing it almost I think!

Otherwise life is OK, I always have preferred autumn and winter. I'm going to try and keep this - and the work blog - better updated and spin out some material and other things that interest me.

What's on my mind lately?
  • Epic careface at royal wedding.
  • Hopeful that the student protest is just the start of something on a Poll Tax protest scale.
  • Really, really hoping for electoral reform but the vested interests and political opportunists seem to be lining up against it, more's the pity.
Anyway, let's see what shakes loose...
Tags: cries for attention, depression diary, everyday stuff

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