_grimtales_ (_grimtales_) wrote,

What I Learned from Draw Mohammed Day

1. That viewpoints I once considered to be limited to Islamic extremists are held by a considerable number of relatively wealthy, educated and literate Muslims. It seems that Muslims of actual moderate position are the 'lunatic fringe'.

2. That Paedobear and Muhammed are a marriage made in heaven.
3. That Islamic Creationists are more fun than Christian Creationists because they think this is a new argument.

4. That there's apparently no Islamic concept of freedom of speech, so they don't get the concept and can't separate it from hate speech or incitement to violence.
5. That a lot of Muslims think we're all Christian in the west and can't wrap their heads around atheism.

6. That Islam has no answer to Muhammed's having sex with Aisha when she was nine. Or rather that the excuses make the whole topic even worse for them. This appears to be Islam's Achilles heel. Their unanswerable question.
7. That /b/ is the cancer that is destroying not just 4chan, but the internet as a whole, mind you, they did only appear to start playing up AFTER the Muslims missed the point of the whole thing and started slinging the abuse around.
8. That someone can say: "You cannot make fun of Islam, that's racist! Besides, this is all a Jewish plot!" with a straight face.

9. That a lot of Muslims equate the systematic murder of over six million people with doodling a 1400 year dead paedophile bandit with epilepsy.

10. That it isn't Nick Clegg's fault, it's the Jews. Always, always the Jews. Lose your car keys? It was the Jews. Spill milk? Jews. 9/11? Jews. Facebook allowing EDMD? Jews. Jews, Jews, Jews...
I used to think this insanity was limited to extremists and those in more backward and oppressed nations but I'm no longer convinced that's the case due to the sheer volume of Muslims approving of censorship, making death threats, displaying obscene racism and hatred (ironically while complaining about alleged racism and hatred) and approving of hacking in order to silence critics.

I may have to bump Islam up my 'threats to humanity' list ahead of Christianity (but after Apple) at this rate.
Tags: culture wars, humour, lol whut?, politics, the depths of human idiocy

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