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A Fresh Start?

Usually I start off a new year with a burst of energy, creativity and organisational impetus that carries me forward at breakneck speed for about three months until my get up and go, get's up and goes and I lapse back into a more normal routine again. This does, however, get shit done and usually gives me a solid foundation for the coming year. This year, I don't have that motivation at all, I think it's still the lingering effects of the exhaustion and depression, though I don't feel depressed any more and the morning after a New Year's night probably isn't the best time to try and feel motivated - though we did only stay in and watch Jool's Holland's 'Hot Punani' show and get mildly tipsy, nothing that bacchanalian for once.

This year's mainly going to be about business. The economy slow down has impacted a little though the evening out of the value of the pound back to old levels has countered that quite a lot. I do, however, need to concentrate on more commercial enterprises in order to succeed and move forward and that requires a fairly radical rethink of my plans for the coming year and a lot more publishing via others, commercialisation of existing product and concentration on my core lines.

On a personal basis I want to get out and about more and see people again, that requires money so is another motivation for shifting how the business operates at the moment, plus there are plans afoot that also require additional spondoolicks. It seems almost impossible to get people out to see us due to our location, though we have plenty of room and try to be hospitable hosts, so it seems this Muhammed will have to hire some Sherpas. Lots of people promise vaguely to catch up with us sometime, but it never comes through, often even if they invite us out there's never the follow up, so meh, one can but try.

Well crap, this all seems fairly business-like and on a bit of a downer doesn't it eh? Sorry, but I have no earth-shaking revelations, no real resolutions - other than to keep losing weight as I have been (until now, curse you Christmas, curse you) and to try, amongst everything else, to take some more personal time to do fun things and to try not to be as jaded. I'm also going to try and keep this thing a bit better updated.

I'm looking forward - though with some tredpidation - to what the U.S. will make of itself this coming year and, somewhat cynically perhaps, expect Obama to be assassinated sometime in the next four years, especially if he actually DOES anything.

Right, off over to apresvie  to lay out the business plans for the coming year.
Tags: cries for attention, depression diary, everyday stuff, health, politics, postmortem studios

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