April 24th, 2011


What's more important to you, ethics or value? Fair trade or cheap?

Tricky one.

Ethics are important but there's also pragmatism to consider. Being ethical is a luxury that you have to be able to afford because any time ethics come into it the price tends to go up whether it's freerange chickens or fairtrade chocolate.

We try to buy local, ethically where we can but staples tend to be bought on a pragmatic basis (price) while luxuries, when we're splashing out anyway, we tend to go for the ethical side more.

It's a sad fact, and something that Hugh Fernley Whittingstall et al still can't seem to get their heads around, that you can't always afford to be ethical.

That's at a personal level. At a geopolitical level I expect better of our governments and the double-standards being shown towards the Middle East revolts (and arms deals) is a case in point. When people talk about an 'ethical foreign policy' I expect one. If practicalities get in the way, be bloody honest about it as I am with where I get chicken.